• 1st Grade 2019-2020

    Learning Focused Lesson Plans
    Classify art into categories: Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes, Portraits, and Still-lifes. 
    Essential Question:
    How can students classify art into categories: Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes, Portraits, and Still-lifes?
    Elements of Art
    Lines Shapes
    1. Landscape:     What is a landscape? 
    2. Seascape:      What is a seascape?
    3. Cityscape:      What is a cityscape?
    4. Portraits:        What is a portrait?
    5. Still-Lifes:        Who is Cezanne?     What is a Still-life?     What is a Pattern? 
    Anchor Chart/ Graphic Organizer: 
     Elements of Art Organizer
    Learning Activities:
    Learning Activity 1: MakerSpace: Sculptor, Architect, Artist: Drawing, Artist: Sculpture
    Learning Activity 2: MakerSpace: Artist: Stainglass Maker, Graphic Artist, Puppeteer, Painter
    Learning Activity 3: MakerSpace: Book Designer/ Publisher: Author and Illustrator
    Learning Activity 4: Sketchbook: How to draw a person in motion.
    Learning Activity 5: How to make a frame. How to make all shapes out of a square. How to Cut, Carry Scissors Safely, How to glue. How to make a design the same on both sides. 
    Learning Activity 6: Integrating Art and Science: Watch video on STARS, splatter paint stars with a toothbrush and paint. 
    Learning Activity 7: How to make a star out of cut paper. two triangles. one points up one points down.
    Learning Activity 8: Integrate Art and Science: Watch Movie on the phases of the moon. Startion: Bubble print with bubbles to make moon. 
    Learning Activity 9: Landscape: Students create a forest landscape. The students will create a weaving that they turn into anowl. The students learn to use chalk to create a night scene with full moon, half moon, or cresent moon. They also splatter paint to add stars to the setting. They use their brush to paint a zoom in of the top of the tree. They use their brush to print leaves on their tree.
    Learning Activity 10:Landscape or Seascape: The students create Penkie the Penguin using lines and shapes. The students select their setting from the book to create one of the 7 settings in the book. The students paint using crayon resist method.