• Kindergarten 2019-2020

    Learning  Focused Lesson Plans
    Kindergarten Art Standards: 
    K.V.1.2 Create original art that expresses ideas about oneself.
    K.V.1.4 Understand characteristics of the Elements of Art, including lines, shapes, colors, and texture.
    K.CR.1.1 Identify the lines, colors, and shapes in works of art.
    Essential Questions:
    How can the students create original art that expresses ideas about oneself?
    How can the students understand the characteristics of the Elements of Art: lines, shapes, colors, and texture?
    How can students identify the lines, colors, and shapes in works of art? 
    Elements of Art
    Lines: Straight, Curved, Wavy, ZigZag, Broken Line
    Shapes: Circle, Oval, Square, Diamond, Rectangle, Trapezoid
    Colors: Primary Colors (Red, Yellow, Blue) , Secondary colors: (Orange, Green, Purple)
    Texture: How something feels?
     Anchor Chart/ Graphic Organizer: 
    Elements of Art Organizer
    Learning Activities: 
    1. Learning Activity 1:MakerSpace: Sculptor: person who works with clay. Students create a Sculpture using spheres and cylinders. 
    2. Learning Activity 2: MakerSpace: Architect: plans, designs, builds, constructs a famous landmark or building.
    3. Learning Activity 3: MakerSpace: Painter: how to paint, drying rack, how to carry their paper. 
    4. Learning Activity 4: Read the book "What is a Line". Students practice making a lines: straight, curved, zigzag, wavy, and broken lines.
    5. Students learn about Primary Colors: red, blue, and yellow. They paint with these colors. 
    6. Learning Activity 5: Watch video, "Texture". Students create texture using texture plates. 
    7. Students learn about Secondary colors: orange, green, and purple. They students use these colors when creating texture.
    8. Learning Activity 6: Student learn how to cut all shapes out of a square (circle, rectangle, oval, octagon, diamond, triangle). 
    9. Students learn how to glue. Students turn their work into a monster puppet.
    10. Learning Activity 7: Watch video: "Mix it Up". Students review Primary Colors and Secondary Colors. Students learn to print and mix colors like shown in the book. 
    11. Learning Activity 8: Watch the read A loud " Legend of the Indian Paintbrush. Students learn to fingerpaint and mix Primary Colors to make Secondary Colors.
    12. Learning Activity 9: Read the book: "Ish" and students create a self-portrait of themselves. The students learn to draw using shapes
    13. Learning Activity 10: Students learn how print with a fork to create texture to make grass. 
    14. Learning Activity 11: Students make a picture out of their fingerpaint sky from "Legend of Indian Paintbrush", fork print of grass, and self-portrait drawing lesson.