In class we will study the following - see below.  Parents please have your child practice and explain to you his/her understanding of these concepts.

    English Language Arts

    Letters and Sounds - The alphabet has been taught.  Students should be able to identify and write each letter (Capital and lowercase), demonstrate the sound the letter represents, and tell a word that begins with that sound. Please ask your child to identify letters in print and tell you a word that begins with the letter.  Ask your child to write these letters.

    Sight Words - if, I, the, in, he, on, and, up, a, you, to, do, at, has

    Ask and answer questions about key details in a story. 


    We will learn to draw pictures and write words to match our pictures.  We will learn to write narrative, informative or expository, and opinion pieces.  To write a narrative a student can tell with what toy he or she like to play. 


    Recognizing and writing numbers 0 - 20 and counting sets to match. 

    Naming two-dimentional shapes - circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon regardless of their orientations or overall size, or color.  Tell attributes of each shape.  

    Social Studies

     We will learn the roles of a good citizen and learning why good citizens obey rules in the classroom, school, home and neighborhood.    We will learn the standards of procedures for our classroom and school.  Also, we will learn positive relationships through fair play and friendship.

    After returning to school building:  Please have your child practice saying his or her lunch number to you and have your child press the numbers in order.


    Understand different properties.  (examples:  soft, hard, rough, smooth)