How Can My Child Attend Pre-K?

    Here at Graham A. Barden Elementary School, we serve preschool children (ages 3-5) who have been identified as having special needs.  We also have limited slots for typically developing children without special needs.

    Fee Slots:  Tuition is $90 per week.  If you are interested in a fee slot, please call 252-444-5100 or stop by the school office to complete an "interest" form.

    NC Pre-K Slots:  There are specific guidelines for this program.  These slots provide free tuition and meals.  If you are interested in an NC Pre-K slot, please call Renee Harrell at 252-244-3226.

    Exceptional Children Slots:  If you transfer from another state or county and your child has an IEP, please call Lisa Kemp, Craven County ECP Preschool Coordinator at 252-514-4382.