Character Education has become increasingly important. If schools are to achieve high academic achievement and to establish a safe and orderly learning environment, they must first promote positive character traits. Schools must also work with parents, families, and civic organizations to help students develop the qualities to become responsible adults in our society.

    August: Optimism

    Hopeful * Confident * Expectation


    September: Respect

    Self Respect * Respect for Others * Appreciate


    October: Responsibility

    Accountability * A duty or obligation * Everyone is responsible for his/her own actions


    November:  Self-Discipline

    Positive self attitude * Effort * Self control


    December: Caring

    Consideration * Kindness * Compassion


    January: Perseverance

    Hard-working * Persistent * Belief


    February:  Integrity

    Trustworthiness * Honesty * Honor & Justice


    March: Good Judgment

    Goal Setting * Making Good Choices * Learning from Mistakes


    April: Fairness

    Rules * Fair-mindedness * Truth


    May: Courageous

    Brave * Fearlessness * Heroism


    June: Cooperative

    Teamwork * Compromise * Fair-minded