• All students at New Bern High School are provided with a comprehensive program that meets their academic, career, and personal/social needs. School counselors provide guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support to all students.  

    School Counselors can be reached by phone or by email. Just click your counselors name down below to send them an email. Please contact your child’s counselor in advance to schedule an appointment. 

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  • Your School Counselor can be of assistance and support for these concerns and more:

    ✦       Family health problems

    ✦       New school orientation

    ✦       Discussing the special needs of your child

    ✦       Early discussion of potential crises

    ✦       Family difficulties or concerns

    ✦       Post-Secondary planning

  • Need A Letter of Recommendation: 

    Click the link below and it will take you to a Google form (Senior Resume). Once that is completed, your counselor will receive it and complete your letter of recommendation. 

    *We cannot complete a letter of recommendation without this form first* 

    Senior Resume


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