• Request a Recommendation

    I try to accommodate your requests for college and scholarship recommendations (after you have asked me in person, of course).  In order for me to write a glowing account of your virtues, however, I require some assistance from you to help me remember your best attributes and to inform me of your activities outside the classroom.  For your first recommendation, you'll need to complete the Personal Data Form below.  You'll also need to complete the Who Wants to Know? form describing exactly what I'm being asked to do and how to submit the information.  For any subsequent recommendations, after asking me again (this time email is acceptable), you need only complete the Who Wants to Know? form with the institution's requirements.  Plan ahead; make your request at least 2 weeks in advance of the deadline.

    Please submit a printed copy of each of the forms.  If you ask me to mail a letter, you must include an addressed, stamped envelope.  Bring those items to Room 309 before or after school, or during 3rd period.  Do not interrupt my classes.

    Personal Data Form

    Who Wants to Know?