Course Syllabus 


    Animal Science I
    Animal Science II Small Animals 


    Mrs. Tart Warmack

    Contact Information

    Email: Caroline.Tart@Cravenk12.Org

    Phone Number: 252 - 244 - 3200 (Ext 2644)

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    Class Expectations

    • Be On Time 
    • Be Prepared
    • Complete All Assignments by the Due Date
    • No Horseplay
    • Be kind, courteous and respectful to the teacher and your classmates. 

    Craven County Schools 

    Expectations for Zoom Use by Students

    Using Zoom to meet with classes provides a safe place for teachers to continue to teach while students complete online work.  These are the expectations we have set in place for students to be successful in Zoom:


    1. Follow all of the expectations shared by your teacher and school.
    2. Know how to get into Zoom. If you have a technical problem, email your teacher directly.
    3. Keep your microphone muted unless it is your turn to speak.  You can use the Chat feature to let your teacher know you have a question.  When the teacher acknowledges you, unmute yourself, ask your question, and then when the conversation is finished, mute yourself again.  Your teacher can turn your mic and camera off at any time during the session.
    4. Find a place in your home that is free of distractions and be aware of what’s in your background when on camera. Try not to use your bedroom.
    5. Make sure you are dressed appropriately when on camera.


    1. Make sure your comments and questions are related to the topic.
    2. Pay attention and take good notes.
    3. Be prepared and complete your assignments before the meeting as assigned.  Write down any questions you need to ask your teacher so you do not forget them.


    1. Be respectful of the person who is talking. 
    2. Comments, questions and behavior need to be school appropriate. (No playing or using inappropriate language/gestures.) 
    3. Use the Zoom only during your required and allowed meeting times.  This is not a place for social meetings with friends.  
    4. Thank your teacher and classmates at the end of the session.
    5. Please email your teacher to share any concerns.

    Misconduct during the Zoom sessions will be reported to your parents and administrators.  Continued inappropriate behavior may prevent you from participating in future Zoom sessions.

    Required Materials and Apps 

    Ipad or Computer  - Please contact us if you need technology or a hotspot. 

    Headphones - optional
    Canvas App or You can go through the Canvas Website

    We will also be using the following apps - Quizlet, Kahoot, EdPuzzle, Zoom & Google Suites(Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc)

    Notebook Paper

    Folder/Binder to keep papers organized

    Markers/Printer Paper or Construction Paper(May be Needed for Assignments) 

    Upon in person return: 

    Please make sure you bring closed toe shoes that you do not mind getting dirty for outside work. 

    Additional Information

    Animal Science can count as a 4th science - You must take Animal Science I and Animal Science II for it to count and you must pass both classes. 

    Animal Science I - You will have the opportunity to be exempt from the end of course exam by completing “Performance Based Measurements” to assess your learning. We will talk more about these but they could be hands-on demonstrations, speeches, projects, or presentations that you must complete in order to “Master” each concept. 

    Animal Science II - End of course CTE exam will consist of 100 questions multiple choice. You can not be exempt from this exam. 

    Please see the following link for more information about the class and grading procedures.
    Full Classroom Syllabus

    Orientation Zoom Link

    Orientation Schedule 


    4:00-5:00 Time Slot

    5:00-6:00 Time Slot

    6:00-7:00 Time Slot

    1st Period




    2nd Period




    3rd Period




    4th Period





    Join Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 942 1711 5551

    Passcode: 697762

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