• Course Description

    This course will introduce students to the world of work. Activities are designed to present the technical nature of today’s world and the expectations of productive workers. Students will increase their self-awareness and learn how to make wise educational and occupational decisions as they plan for careers.


    The student will understand:

    ·         interests, attitudes, values, personality, learning styles, and skills.

    ·         how interests, values, and personality influence career choices.

    ·         the world of work and skills needed for employment success

    ·         how to make a career plan for high school and college

    Materials and Supplies

    • #2 pencils
    • Black erasable ink pen
    • Loose leaf paper
    • Folder w/prongs or 3 ring binder





    ·         Take responsibility for your own learning.

     Be on time

    Be prepared

    Pay attention

    Use time wisely

    ·         Be respectful.

    To yourself

      To your class

    To your teacher

      To your school

    ·         No food, candy, or gum in the computer lab.

    ·         Remain seated until dismissed by the teacher.


    You must have an Acceptable Use Policy form on file giving permission to use the Internet in the classroom and agreement to abide by all County Internet policies.

    If work is submitted from home, all files must be saved in a format compatible with Microsoft Office Professional (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .accdb) or Adobe (.pdf).  Work in other formats cannot be opened for scoring.


    Code of Conduct


    1. I will use posts to discuss school-related content only.
    2. I will use a respectful tone of voice when posting and in written assignments.  All school rules and consequences related to harassment apply.
    3. I will use appropriate grammar instead of texting language in all written communication in class.
    4. I will limit my use of sarcasm to avoid misinterpretations in all written communications.
    5. I will not reveal any personal information on Google docs. This includes telephone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.
    6. I will not post photos or videos showing myself or classmates without permission.


    Classroom/Computer Lab Rules


    1. When helping others in class, use your words not your hands.
    2. Save your work in designated folders only.  Do not create or delete any files from the computer.  
    3. To go to the bathroom, please follow these steps:
      • Go to the teacher’s desk and ask for permission
      • Get your teacher’s signature/initials on your bathroom pass sheet. The bathroom pass sheet contains 10 slots for the semester.  Once the sheet is filled, bathroom privileges are over. If you do not have your sheet, you will not be permitted to leave.
      • Use the bathroom in this building, do not go anywhere else.
      • Students are not permitted to use the bathroom during the 1st 15 minutes or the last 10 minutes.
    4. Do not make any changes to any computer settings (desktop backgrounds, file management, etc.)
    5. Report any damages or changes in your work area/computer system immediately.
    6. Straighten your work area before leaving class.
      • Place your keyboard and mouse in front of your monitor away from the edge of your desk.
      • Keep the monitor at the far corner of your desk at all times.
      • Log off the computer before leaving class.
      • Push your chair under.