• Welcome to Visual Art II


    Visual Art II builds upon knowledge learned in Art I. We will further explore the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, art history, techniques, media, criticism and theory. Students will make more informed decisions in creating works of art and have more flexibility in choosing subject matter and expressing ideas. This course will prepare students for further art courses and more independent work.



    Have your sketchbook and pencil at the beginning of EVERY class

    Do your best

    Participate in ALL class activities and discussion

    No food or drinks in art room

    Have a pass before leaving art room

    Remain in your seat until dismissed from class

    Disruption of class will makes it difficult for others to learn.  Disruption will not be tolerated.

    If these expectations are violated it will result in:

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Student conference
    3. Parent contact
    4. Office referral


    Required Materials - Due by the second week of class.

    Sketchbook (around 9” x 12,” at least 75 sheets, spiral bound)

    Folder (folder inside sketchbook is also acceptable)

    Wooden #2 and/or drawing pencils (at least 3; ( NO mechanical pencils for drawing)

    Pencil sharpener

    Gum, vinyl or pink eraser

    Lidded plastic container (for paint, at least sandwich size)

    Set of paint brushes


    Cell Phones and other devices

    Cell phones may be used only with permission.  It is expected that devices are used for research purposes.  Texting, calling, gaming or use of social media is prohibited and will result in the phone being confiscated.  The first time that this occurs, your device will be returned at the end of the class period.  The second time will result in a ten day confiscation by the office and chill out.


    Classwork and homework account for 75% of your grade.  It is required that an exam is given, and that the exam counts for 25% of the final grade.  All students must take the exam unless they have an average of 93% or above and have missed fewer that three days of class.


    Students work will be evaluated based upon his or her individual progress and meeting skill goals; not against other students. Projects and long term assignments will be evaluated based upon project requirements, work ethic and behavior.


    It is the student’s responsibility to make up missed work if absent and to turn in work on time. Work that is not turned in will be recorded as a zero. I will NOT search for work to be turned in, even if it’s in the classroom. Late work will be accepted up to three days after the assigned due date; however, each day it is late results in a loss of one letter grade.  If the assignment is not turned in after three days, the student will receive a grade of 0% on the assignment.

    Absences and Tardies

    You will be sent to chill out after three tardies, and each subsequent tardy will be written up. Tardies can result in suspension, so be careful to get here on time.


    If you miss class, YOU are responsible to see me about missed work and turning it in on time. Work not turned in due to unexcused absences is recorded as a zero. Ten consecutive unexcused absences will result in withdrawal from class. Up to 10 non consecutive absences are allowed in any given class; exceeding 10 may result in a loss of credit. It is highly recommended that students keep a record of their absences and the reason. Students are responsible for seeing SSMT to deal with attendance issues.


    Extra Credit

    Extra credit will be given for completing extra work, attending art exhibitions or events, donating materials for the art room, and helping in extra activities. All extra credit activities must be approved before receiving points and proof of attendance must be presented. Maximum 25 points.