Visual Arts One

    Visual arts one is an introduction and an exploration of all aspects of art.  This class will focus on the visual elements, the principles of design, art history and art criticism. The students will explore drawing, painting, ceramics and mixed media.



    Have your materials ready at the beginning of class.

    Do your best

    Participate in all activities

    Do not leave the class without permission. 



    1. Verbal warning
    2. Student conference
    3. Parent Conference
    4. Office referral


    Absences and Tardies

    If you are tardy, come directly to class and enter quietly.  The third tardy will result in a referral as will each additional tardy.   

    It is the student’s responsibility to make up missed work if absent and to turn in work on time. Work that is not turned in will be recorded as a zero. I will NOT search for work to be turned in, even if it is in the classroom.  Late work will be accepted up to three days after the assigned due date; however, each day it is late results in a loss of one letter grade.  If the assignment is not turned in after three days, the student will receive a grade of 0% on the assignment.



    Classwork and homework account for 75% of your grade.  It is required that an exam is given, and that the exam counts for 25% of the final grade.  All students must take the exam.

     Students work will be evaluated based upon his or her individual progress and meeting skill goals; not against other students. Projects and long term assignments will be evaluated based upon project requirements, work ethic and behavior.  A grading rubric is included in this syllabus.  This rubric will be used for all project assignments.

    All assignments must include the students name and class period.  If these are not included, the work will not be graded.  All work must be turned in at the turn in spot.   


    Required Materials

    Sketchbook  at least 9” x 12” spiral bound.  or  copy paper and a folder.

    wooden #2 pencils or drawing pencils Mechanical pencils don't work well for shading.

    pink eraser or gum eraser

    recycled styrofoam tray or plate.

    Two one or two gallon zip lock bags for storing paint and clay

    Small pack of colored pencils


    ruler or straightedge

    at least three ultra fine point permanent markers. 


    Optional Supplies

    Assortment of paint brushes

    Colored pencils

    A range of drawing pencils. 2h, H, HB, 2B, 4B or similar.

    one 1 inch roll of masking or painters tape.