• A few years ago my brother flew to NY to visit a friend. While in NY, he texted me, saying that he was inside the MoMA museum. I was BEYOND EXCITED when I saw that he was standing in front of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night". This was my beyond ultimate geek out moment as an artist...oh if only I could teleport. Visiting this museum is certainly among my art life wish list. Later, my sweet brother texted me some photos of his trip saying, "Hey look, all your friends [master artists] are here!". Gotta love family. 

    Whether you're walking around downtown New Bern, exploring Raliegh, or traveling far and wide....visit art museums. They are not just for aritsts. Art is a visual documentation of human existance, emotions, actions, and thoughts. Immersing yourself in such a setting will leave you feeling contemplative, refreshed, hopeful, slightly melancholy, and ready to return. 

    Many museums offer program days for young artists that are tailored to explore the galleries in ways that enable young artist to learn more about the art and artists who created them. Often these experiences can be a great day trip for a family on a weekend, or just simply a rainy day.

    My husband and I both enjoy going past the museum in Raliegh anytime we're there. I look forward to hear from your students about your art adventures soon! 

Mrs. Yurk as Van Gogh
NC Museum of Art
Frist Art Museum in Nashville, TN