• Overview of All Courses

    Financial Planning 1  

    This course is designed to give students an understanding of finance. It is specifically focused on basic personal finance skills that are relevant to the lives of teens.

    The following topics will be covered:

    • Understand the basics of finance.
    • Understand the basics of investing.
    • Understand financial analysis.
    • Understand law and security measures in business.
    • Understand the impact of the economy on financial decisions.


    MO-101: Microsoft Word Expert

    In this course, students learn to use Word through scenario-based, hands-on lessons that emphasize practical outcomes. By learning to use Word to create real-world results, students discover how to be more personally productive and empowered. Topics that will be covered include the following:

    • Manage document options and settings
    • Use advanced editing and formatting features
    • Create custom document elements
    • Use advanced Word features


    MO-101: Microsoft PowerPoint  

    The second part of this course is designed to give students an understanding of presentation software application skills using Microsoft PowerPoint. The following skills will be taught: 

    • Powerpoint Essentials
    • Presentation Basics
    • Working with Text
    • Designing a Presentation
    • Adding Tables to Slides
    • Using Charts in a Presentation
    • Creating SmartArt Graphics
    • Using Animation and Multimedia
    • Securing and Sharing a Presentation
    • Delivering a Presentation


    Second Semester- Career Management


    Students will develop and possess the needed skills for college and career readiness via classroom academic and work-based skills needed in the world. Students will develop soft skills, relationship building tools, teamwork development, successful communication and business attributes sought from employers. 


    During career preparation, high school students (12 to post-secondary) will: • develop needed skill-building aptitudes sought from all employers. • know and understand the function and the skills needed to be successful in a specific career. • be able to seek resources to find a specific career/job. • have the core knowledge to be successful in a particular career pathway. • understand and possess the appropriate work attitude, characteristics and professionalism needed for a successful work placement. • develop an understanding of various occupations within a specific career theme/pathway. • become aware of how specific skills are needed to be successful in the work world. • research and design a career interest inventory that will help align their courses and career goals. • develop career and educational goals that align with their selected career pathway. • follow and utilize post-secondary training opportunities and education to design their own career pathway. • apply for a specific job or work-based learning experience via employment protocol methods utilizing the following: cover letters, resumes, interviewing skills, application forms, and thank you/follow-up letters.