Ms. Jennifer O'Neill

Phone: 252-514-6488 (WCMS Main Number) or 252-712-1949 (Microsoft Teams phone number)


Degrees and Certifications:

Sociology and American Studies, BGS (University of Kansas) Sociology, MA (East Carolina University)

Ms. Jennifer O'Neill

Hello, and welcome! My name is Ms. O'Neill, and I'm teaching the 7th grade Social Studies course for WCMS CravenLIVE students this year! This is my fourth year at West Craven Middle School, and my tenth year as an educator and I am incredibly excited to move forward with the new online format - I think we're going to end up really having a good time and learning a lot. 

My Education: I attended Johnson County Community College (Kansas) and earned my Bachelor's degree in Sociology and American Studies at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!), and my Master's degree is in Sociology from East Carolina University. I have also completed graduate work in Academic Advising and Student Development and did some doctoral work in Coastal Studies. I'm a big fan of higher education - mostly because I love to learn new things. (That's something I hope to pass along to you!)

My Interests/Hobbies: I love to read - anything and everything. One of my favorite things to do with my family is going to the beach and to the aquarium - I have always been drawn to the ocean and wanted to be a dolphin trainer at Sea World when I was a kid. I love to sing and dance, but mostly where no one can see or hear me. (It's way too amazing for most people, I don't want to blow their minds.)

Why I Became a Teacher: My favorite moments as a teacher are the ones when you see something click in a student's mind - they all of a sudden just get it. It's like a key turning in a treasure chest, and inside the chest is a little piece of understanding of the world around us. I became a teacher because I live for those moments. I became a teacher because I think that the world and the people in it are fascinating and I want to show my students a glimpse of that fascinating, wonderful world and help them to want to understand all of the things in it. I also get a 10% teacher discount at Barnes and Noble, so that was a pretty big draw. But, you know, mostly the helping you understand the world stuff.