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  • New Normal

    Posted by Meghan Doyle on 10/29/2018 5:00:00 PM

    Over the last few days, Craven County Schools has begun to get back to normal, a new normal. This new normal means waking up in the morning in darkness and knowing that is characteristic of being more than a quarter of the way through school but not quite putting that together with the fact that we've only "been together" for about four weeks at this point. The new normal is seeing our students and some of our colleagues come to school with brave faces, but knowing that there is still a great deal of uncertainty for some of them with their lives when they return "home" after school. Our new normal is figuring out, once again, how to fit the highest quality instruction that we can into smaller and smaller lengths of time. Finally, our new normal is thinking about how we can realize the vision of our community for our schools and school system in some of our facilities that are in need of update and repair, and, almost two decades into the 21st century, how they can reflect the modern workforce realities for which we are trying to prepare our students. It is clear that our new normal presents more challenges for our school system. However, we live somewhere different. We live in Craven County and we are #CravenStrong. 

    In the last several weeks, our community demonstrated what it means to lead through adversity and to fill gaps we didn't know we would be able to fill for our neighbors. From Commissioner Tyson's Craven Rangers to our very own Dr. Eleanor Patrick and her one-woman (and one school) meal delivery to the community of Oaks Road and everything in between. We are #CravenStrong. Its important, though, that we maintain this strength for our friends and neighbors into the holidays and beyond. There is great work being done in our community to help those who lost homes regain their footing and get back in housing that meets the needs of their families, to rebuild and lift homes to mitigate against danger in future storms, and to replace the personal belongings that have been lost (some of which will never be replaced) to help them return to that NEW normal. I challenge all of our staff, faculty, and community to consider making a longer term commitment to someone in need in our community. YOU should decide what the commitment looks like. As you consider what you can or want to do, I invite you to watch this TEDTalk titled, "Because I said I would" to help guide you to follow through on your commitment to your fellow man or women or family. All of the other "new normal things" I reference above are really important. However, we need to continue to make sure that everyone is actually returning to some normalcy and that we haven't left anyone behind. I know, though, that we are the community to make sure that doesn't happen. Thank you, Craven County, for reminding me once again through the last two months why this community is so special. I know that we will continue to rise to the challenge. 

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  • First Day of School

    Posted by Meghan Doyle on 9/1/2017 6:00:00 AM

    Today is the day! What all of our custodians, maintenance staff, bus drivers, teachers, principals, and central office leaders have been preparing for; your children! We are excited to begin a new school year and welcome our students and families back to school. As I toured schools on the eastern end of our district today, i saw students ready to return to teachers and maybe even some relieved parents. But, I also saw the parents of some of our brand new kindergartners a bit sad to see this chapter in a child's life begin; not because they didn't want it to begin but maybe because time is passing so fast. I can relate. This first year for me in Craven County Schools has passed quickly. And, i can say for our new kindergarten parents, the time will fly through to graduation. It is our prayer that your child receives a love of school and a love of learning that lasts for the rest of their lives.  

    Thank you for trusting us with the care and education of your children.  

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  • Renew, Refresh, and Revise

    Posted by Meghan Doyle on 8/11/2017 10:00:00 PM

    This summer has been a whirlwind of activity and learning for our teachers and support staff. However, what is in the background is the work to ensure that we are ready to begin school for over 14,000 Craven County Schools Students on Monday, August 28, 2017. Our facilities and maintenance staff have built new classrooms, removed old classrooms, replaced HVAC systems, painted walls, replaced ceilings, polished floors, worked on roofs, and poured concrete.

    Our schools would not be ready for students if it were not for our custodians and maintenance personnel. These folks are important in ensuring that our students have a warm and inviting learning environment to grow and thrive in our schools. I appreciate all that they do to make our schools special and to take care of our students and staff.

    If you get a chance to thank one of these important men and women, I hope you will take the time. 

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