• How do I choose a Just Right Book?

    Students are using the Reader's Workshop model of language arts instruction.  Through our Reader's Workshop mini-lessons, students learn how to select appropriate books to read which are "just right" for them.  The following are some helpful hints for learning whether a book is JUST RIGHT, TOO EASY, or TOO HARD.

    Just RIGHT
    1. Is this book new to you?
    2. Do you understand a lot of the book?
    3. Are there just a few words on a page that you don't know?
    4. When you read, are some places smooth and some choppy?

    Too EASY
    1. Have you read it lots of times before?
    2. Do you understand the story really well?
    3. Do you know almost every word?
    4. Can you read it smoothly?
    5. Does it have a picture on every page?

    Too HARD
    1. Are there more than 5 words on a page that you don't know?
    2. Are you confused about what is happening in most of this book?
    3. When you read, does it sounds pretty choppy?
    4. Is everyone else busy and unable to help you?