• The Data Managers role is to manage student data in PowerSchool, including enrollments, withdrawals, student/teacher/room schedules, transcripts, test scores, immunizations, demographics, etc. Other duties of the data managers include:

    Monitors the entry of attendance and grades by teachers into PowerSchool.
    Monitors student absences for correct excused/unexcused coding.
    Prepares student absence lists and daily absence bulletin.
    Maintains student sign-in/sign-out logs, based upon directions from principal.
    Corresponds with parents concerning student absences and tardiness, including attendance letters per school district procedures.
    Directs teachers concerning attendance procedures and policies.
    Employs the PowerSchool program to generate reports to satisfy the requirements of Craven County County Schools, school administrators, local and state government, law enforcement and health agencies, as well as the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.
    Oversees student entry and withdrawal from the school.
    Enrolls new students throughout the year.
    Enters basic student and demographic information.
    Processes arriving student's cumulative records.
    Prepares cumulative records for departing students.
    Withdraws departing student from PowerSchool.
    Maintains files of arriving/departing students' cumulative records.
    Copies and sends cumulative records for withdrawing students and maintains a log of students who entered and departed the school throughout the year.
    Provides home room assignments and schedules (Exception for grades 9-12: high school counselors develop schedules for newly enrolling students).
    Collects data for and prints marking period report cards. 
    Requests cumulative records for new students and sends cumulative records upon request for exiting students.
    Manages student cumulative records according to federal (FERPA) and district policies and procedures.