• Who can apply?
    Any 8th grade student who resides in Craven County.


    What happens if my child is not successful at their traditional high school - can they transfer to CEC?
    Unfortunately due to a steep learning curve - we do not accept transfer students from other high schools. The only way to be accepted into the program is their 8th grade year.


    What are the expectations for students?
    The student must be willing to work diligently, must be mature enough to handle the college campus as well as college coursework, and must have passing grades. Early College applicants should also be looking for something different from the traditional high school.


    What would happen to cause my child to be ineligible after being accepted?
    The Dean and the Superintendent will conference on appropriate action considering the following possibilities:

    • Your child moves outside of Craven County.
    • Your child displays behavior contrary to the policies, regulations, and expectations of Craven County Schools and/or Craven Community College.
    • Your child chooses not to complete work.


    Where would my child be assigned in the event that CEC is no longer an option?
    Your child would be assigned to the traditional high school in his or her attendance area.


    Where do I get an application?
    8th grade students may obtain applications from the counseling center at his or her middle schools or from the Craven Early College office located at Craven Community College when they become available in the spring semester.


    What is the deadline for submitting an application?
    The deadline is in March, but specific dates will be stated on the application. No applications are accepted after the deadline.


    As a student or as a parent, how may I learn more about the program?
    During the month of February, the CEC team meets with all 8th grade classes in Craven County for an introduction to CEC. At that meeting, an Informational Parent Night schedule is distributed, and those sessions will be held at each middle school and at Craven County Central Services. Home-schooling and private school parents are encouraged to attend one of these meetings.


    What is the parent commitment for CEC?
    We believe that parents help every child be more successful. We do ask that parents attend all scheduled meetings to complete the CEC culture of family and collaboration.


    How are the Freshmen students chosen?
    The Freshmen are selected by lottery conducted by the SERVE center at the University of NC - Greensboro.


    How many students are accepted?
    50 students are accepted into the Freshman class.


    Is transportation provided?
    Buses are provided. CEC shares bus drivers with other schools. CEC students are wide-spread throughout Craven County, so for morning routes, students will be shuttled to local high schools on that school’s regular bus to board a CEC bus for the completion of the trip to Craven Community College. From time to time, parents will be asked to pick up students when buses are not available. For example, on a “Noon Release” day for the entire district, CEC bus drivers have to drive their first routes…CEC has no buses at the “Noon” release time on those special days due to this conflict.


    What are the school hours?
    School starts at 9:00 and dismissal is at 4:15….We share buses so the daily schedule is set around those limitations. Some students who ride buses in the afternoon arrive home as late as 6:00.


    What are the expenses for the student and/or family?
    Laptop computer insurance is required to be paid by the student/parents.

    Field trip expenses are paid by students and/or parents.


    How long is this commitment?
    This is a five year commitment to attain a high school diploma as well as an Associate’s Degree or transferable credit hours towards 4-year universities.


    How is CEC different from the traditional high school?
    CEC is a small family located on a college campus.
    Students take college classes in the first year at CEC.
    CEC is a goal-oriented and career-focused school.
    Clubs and intramurals are a part of CEC life…But competitive sports, band, and chorus are not part of the CEC mission.
    College tuition and books are free for the time a student in an active member of Craven Early College.

    What happens if my child does not like CEC?
    Your child will be free to transfer to the traditional high school in his or her attendance area.


    What kind of calendar would my child follow?
    The CEC calendar is different from all other Craven County calendars. The CEC calendar is planned around the college calendar. The Early College begins classes in early August and ends school around Memorial Day. CEC students are dismissed at Noon one day a week for staff collaboration. Many holidays and breaks are similar to the other district calendars.