• Attention families affected by Hurricane Florence

    If you have been displaced due to Hurricane Florence, you have the right to attend your school of origin even if you are currently staying outside of your attendance area in a shelter, hotel, with family or friends, or other places such a camper, vehicle or outside.  Transporation will be provided, if needed, to/from that location.  

    You also have the right to immediately enroll in school where you are now staying, if you wish, even if you do not have the documents normally required.

    You have the right to receive free meals at school if you qualify as homeless.  Please fill out a new school nutrition application if you did not previously qualify and are now displaced due to the hurricane.  

    School staff will be contacting families to determine their needs in the coming days.  It is important that your school know if you have been displaced so they can offer resources and help you determine what is best for your family. 

    See your school counselor when school resumes regarding school supplies if you need items.

    Families that lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence may qualify for special services.  If you or a family that you know are currently living in a motel, shelter, doubling up with others due to economic hardship, or have other similar living situations, please contact the school counselor at the school where the child attends or the district homeless liaison, Debbie Hodges, at 252 514-6341 or email at debbie.hodges@cravenk12.org.

    The State Coordinator for the Homeless Education Program is Lisa Phillips and she can be reached at 336-315-7491.

    The website for the North Carolina Homeless Education Program is https://hepnc.uncg.edu/

    Information for Homeless School Aged Youth

    Information for Homeless Parents 

     If you qualify as "homeless" under the McKinney-Vento Act, you are entitled to certain things.  You automatically qualify for free lunch.  You also have the right to continue to attend your current school even if you are staying somewhere else temporarily with transportation provided.  You are able to enroll in school even if you are not able to produce all the required documents.  Your child is also able to participate in any school program or activity in which other children are able to participate.  

    Craven County Schools works to identify homeless students.  Below are the number of homeless students identified for the past three years.

    2014-2015   138

    2015-2016   105

    2016-2017    183


  • Director of Student Services

    Debbie Hodges
    p: 252-514-6341
    f: 252-514-6376