• The mission of the dance studio of New Bern High School is to teach quality dance. The students will learn the dance techniques of creative movement, ballet, modern, and jazz. They will learn and will create dances that showcase what they have learned about these techniques. In addition to these technique classes, the students will learn terminology and dance history and will be required to do writing assignments and to take tests on the learned material.

    In all dance classes the goal is to produce quality dancers and choreographers. Upon graduation, each student will: have developed in their technique of the different styles of dance; have a knowledge of improvising and choreographing dances; will be aware of a dancer’s good health and of the history of dance; and will be able to progress in a career as a performer, as a choreographer, and/or as a teacher later in life.

    It is important to have fun and to enjoy dancing. It is also important to learn. Out of respect for everyone within the dance studio, these policies have been implemented for everyone taking dance classes.

  • 1) Follow the teacher’s instructions. Paying attention and listening well will eliminate distractions and will increase the amount of work that will be accomplished. If there are distractions, time will be wasted on repeated questions and unnecessary comments from everyone in the studio.

    2) Respect yourself and others in class. Take care of what you are doing and your behavior. Allow others the same opportunities. Keep in mind that some people are shy and do not feel comfortable being the center of attention. If you accidentally bump or hit someone during an exercise apologize when the exercise is over. Watch your language; whether it is directed to someone in the class or not, cursing or condescending remarks are NOT allowed, much less appreciated. Respect and cooperation are necessary for everyone in class to learn at their own pace and develop the confidence to perform. This will ensure each student’s progress and will improve each student’s daily grade. If excessive talking is a problem, a separate discipline contract will be implemented.

    3) Obey all New Bern High School rules, in addition to those in the classroom. The teacher is expected by the New Bern High School administration to enforce the school's rules consistently and will do so. This includes the use of cell phones during class time. They should be in your book bags/purses at all times and not in your pockets or anywhere else on your person.

    4) No food, no drinks, no gum, and no snacks are allowed at any time. This includes going to the snack machines on the way to or from the locker rooms. If there is a mishap in the studio, it may damage the floor thereby causing problems and possibly injuries for the students.

    5) PLEASE be on time and ready for class to start. All students are required to be in class for at least eighty-five (85) minutes before being counted absent, as stated by the Craven County Attendance Policy. This will allow everyone to learn the objectives for the day, improve in their dance technique and choreographic skills, and will eliminate the distractions involved with entering class late. After the second tardy, the student will be written up and the referral will be turned into their Assistant Principal for each subsequent tardy.


    If there is a consistent problem with a student following any of these rules, the following consequences will be implemented:

    First Offense - a verbal warning will be given;

    Second Offense - the student will be required to stay for a thirty (30) minute detention period;

    Third Offense - the student’s parents will be called;

    Fourth Offense - the student will receive a written referral which will be sent to Chill-Out;

    Fifth Offense - a contract will be created between the student and the teacher with the length of the contract being determined by them. The parents will be notified by the teacher of the implementation of the contract;

    Sixth Offense - there will be a parent/teacher conference.


    Please keep in mind that the discipline policy and the consequences are to ensure respect and safety for everyone taking part in classes in the dance studio.

  • On the first day of classes, the students will be assigned places in the centre of the room, which will be used daily for attendance and technique classes. For each new technique lesson these rows will change allowing everyone to have an opportunity to see themselves in the mirror so that corrections relating to their alignment and the execution of dance steps may be made. Everyday after that, they will put their books and their belongings along the cabinets that the teacher designates. During ballet technique, each student will be assigned a place at a barre. These positions will rotate every day so that everyone will have an opportunity to be by the mirror to make corrections or at a centre barre to work on alignment and balance.

    Students should go to the bathroom between classes or while they are changing clothes. If there is a personal emergency, a student will have seven (7) minutes to be out of the room. Violations of this will result in a written referral for skipping.

    Students are to enter the room by the time the bell rings and are to sit down and write the daily agendas in their journals. After changing clothes and returning from the locker rooms, the students are to go directly to their places so that class may begin immediately. Or the students are to have their paper and pencil/pen ready to start working on the day’s assignment. (This will depend on whether the day’s lesson is about technique or is about some other aspect of dance.) DO NOT use the pencil sharpener while the teacher is talking.  If a student arrives to class without the proper materials she/he must ask a fellow student to help her/him. The teacher will not have anything for them to use. Some students will be asked to help handout papers, to help distribute textbooks, or to help the teacher get things ready for the day’s lesson. All help is, and will be, greatly appreciated.

    If a person or another teacher comes to the door, please take the time to stretch your bodies, not your mouths, and/or to work on the exercise that is assigned. There will not be any unnecessary talking with either of these assignments. When a student is absent, she/he is the one responsible for getting the assignment of the make-up work either by asking another student or by asking the teacher. If a technique class or a video critique is missed, the student will write an essay summarizing an article about dance from a magazine or online article (i.e. Twitter). (The students will receive a separate paper containing the rubric of how to do and what is expected in the essay.) These essays are due by the fifth day after the absence. If a unit test is missed, then the student will stay after school to make it up. If a unit test is not made up by the fifth day following the absence, the student will receive a “0” for a grade.

    Students are to raise their hand and to ask the teacher for permission to leave the studio for any reason. Any time the students leave the room, they are to walk quietly down the hall to the Commons Area bathroom. This means that there will NOT be any talking to any person at any time, any use of the food or snack machines, or any wandering around the hallways. Students are also expected to stay within the Commons Area while waiting for the teacher and/or other students in order to return to the studio after changing clothes. This does NOT mean in the gym or in another hallway. Violation of this will result in a verbal warning followed by the actions mentioned in the Policy of Discipline and Consequences section of this syllabus.

  • The dress code is to be followed by everyone taking dance classes in the New Bern High School dance studio. It is as follows:

    Women - tights or yoga pants, leotards or waist length shirts*, ballet shoes, jazz shoes (not sneakers), or socks, and your hair back and out of your face.  NO SOPHI SHORTS ARE ALLOWED AT ANYTIME. They are not appropriate for the types of stretches we will be doing during class.

    Men - long shorts or sweatpants, tee-shirts, socks, and your hair back and out of your face.

    *Women must wear a tee-shirt at all times when in the hallways of New Bern High School, as stated by the Craven County Schools’ Dress Code.

    Participation is an important part of dancing. Therefore, on the first two times a student DOES NOT dress out, for whatever reason, then she/he will have ten (10) points deducted from their daily grade for each day. On the third time that the student DOES NOT dress out, for whatever reason, then she/he will have ten (10) points deducted from their daily grade and will be required to stay for a thirty (30) minute detention period. If a student DOES NOT have her/his hair up appropriately, she/he will have five (5) points deducted from her/his daily grade.

    Other items that will be needed for all dance classes are: a three-ring notebook, paper, a composition notebook, pencil/pen, and elastic bands for hair. By being aware of and following these expectations the students will always be prepared for class.

  • Grading System:  This will be the grading system for Beginning Dance classes:

    10% -- interactive notebooks, writing assignments, and essays

    15% -- vocabulary tests

    25% -- research project

    50% -- class work, including dressing out, paying attention, listening to and applying corrections, and working to the best of your ability

    The students will receive specific instructions and requirements for grading for each of the above items. Knowing what is expected of the students will allow them the advantage of performing well in class and doing the assignment(s) to the standards the teacher has set.


    Zoom Meetings: Since we are scheduled to be virtual for the first nine weeks, all students are expected to be on time for every meeting, to have there cameras on for the entire class period (45 minutes), and to be visible when working on technique, learning experiences, and movement skills. This will be included in the daily class work grades.


    Final Examination: For Beginning Dance classes the final exam will be a written exam consisting of all information from all the units discussed and explored during class. Study guides and other study opportunities will be provided for the student’s success. The date of the examination will be announced when schedule by New Bern High’s testing coordinator is announced. This exam is twenty-five percent of the student’s final grade for the class.