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    Book check-out

    Kindergarten - one book 

    1st grade - one book
    2nd grade - two books
    3rd grade - three books
    4th grade  - three books
    5th grade - three books

    Books and Magazines check out for two weeks.  All items can be renewed for an additional two weeks.
    Overdue items should be returned or renewed.  Overdue notices can be printed upon request and at the end of the year, but we do not print notices often.  We want our students to read books, even if they are overdue now and then.  Our final goal is to get our books back before summer break.

    If students have overdue books from other school libraries, please bring them to the BDQ Media Center and we can send those back to the lending school through our Craven County Schools mail system. 

    New Books:  We were blessed with hundreds of new books last year and this year thanks to government Covid Relief funding.  Thank you to our students and staff members for suggesting titles, authors, and subjects for us to order. These new books have been very popular and have helped to replace damaged, worn, and outdated titles.  Enjoy!

BDQ Media Center Mission: To support the teaching of 21st Century skills, instill a love of reading, and promote independent and critical thinking skills.

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