• Great Sites to support your child's learning!  


    Insect Learning Games



    Click here to sign in to our class FRECKLE page!  Our Class code is DMUNDE 



    North Carolina Animal Research

    Click here to learn about the animal North Carolina animal you chose!


    Telling Time 

    Practice telling time with a time travel game from ABCYa!

    A great site to practice adding and subtracting with different games.
    A collection of books for your child to read online! Use classroom code ZIZ-5266 (the second letter is a capital i).
    Use to practice spelling words. Usernames is your child's first and last initial followed by bdq1.  The password is bdq1.  For example, my name is Elizabeth Witten so my username would be ewbdq1 (doesn't matter about capitals/lowercase) and my password is bdq1.  
    Scholastic News 
    Along with our classroom magazines, this site has videos and quizzes to go along with the news article of the week.  Our classroom password is bdq123
    A great site aligned with our curriculum
    Fun educational games

    Moby Max

    This is a new page that lets your child sign in with a picture instead of the long password!  Your child will need to remember the pictures they chose. 

    Room Recess
    Fun educational games!
    Fun & Active 

    ABC Mouse  

    Fun & Educational--parents can purchase a full version also!
    Check these out on tablets or mobile devices, many of them have apps for you to use!
    If you have a great site that you use, please let me know!