• Period 1:     Career Management

    Period 2:     Planning

    Period 3:     Career Management

    Period 4:     Career Management


    The main goal of Career Management is to prepare students to locate, secure, keep, and change careers.  Emphasis will be placed on self-assessment of characteristics, interests, and values; education and career exploration; evaluation of career information and creation of an educational and career plan.  Real life and workplace skills learned in this course include, but are not limited to:  communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, personal management, and teamwork.

    I value this course because every topic directly applies to a high schools student's life.  It is not a matter of IF they will use these skills but WHEN they will use these skills.


    Course Outline:

    Upon completion of this course the student will:

    1.00     Understand Personal Social Development

                1.01   Develop understanding of yourself to build and maintain a positive self-concept.

                1.02   Develop positive interpersonal skills including respect for diversity.

                1.03   Integrate growth and change into your career development.

                1.04   Balance personal, leisure, community, learning, family and work roles.

    2.00     Understand Educational Achievement and Lifelong Learning

                2.01   Attain educational achievement and performance levels needed to reach personal and career goals.

                2.02   Participate in ongoing, lifelong learning experiences to enhance your ability to function effectively in a diverse and changing economy.

    3.00     Understand Career Management

               3.01   Create and manage a career plan that meets your career goals.

               3.02   Use a process of decision- making as one component of career development.

               3.03   Use accurate, current, and unbiased career information during career planning and management.

               3.04   Master academic, occupational and general employability skills in order to obtain, create, maintain and/or advance your employment.

               3.05   Integrate changing employment trends, societal needs and economic conditions into a career plan.