• Class Schedule:

    1st Period Nursing Fundamentals

    2nd Period Nursing Fundamentals

    3rd Period Health Science Two 

    Course Syllabus:

    Nursing Fundamentals

    Follows the course work intended for the Certified Nurse Aide program. At the end of the program it is intended that the student will be able to pass the written and skills test and be able to practice as a Nurse Aide in a variety of settings.

    Nursing Fundamentals: 

     Course Objectives: 

    Unit 1: Organizational Structure

    Unit 2: Legal and Ethical

    Unit 3/4 : Communication

    Unit 5: Observation and Report

    Unit 6: Basic Human Needs

    Unit 7: Infection Control

    Unit 8: Safety and Emergency

    Unit 9: Height and Weight

    Unit 10 Rehab

    Unit 11: Hygiene

    Unit 12: Skin Integrity

    Unit 13: Safe and Clean Environment

    Unit 14: Nutrition and Hydration

    Unit 15: Elimination and Urination 


    Ipad, writing utensils, watch 

    Class format: Everything will be turned in on Canvas/Google Classroom. You may take a picture of the assignment with your phone/ipad and upload it to the Google Classroom assignment. 

    Classroom Expectation




    Phone etiquette


    Google Class Link Health Science 2: 

    Course Syllabus for Health Science two:

    This course is a a continuation of Health Science One 

    Students will learn how to perform vital signs, learn how to perform CPR and learn how to properly wear Personal Protective Equipment. 

    Items needed: 

    Ipad, watch with second hand, writing utensils 

    Communication: I can be reached by email and I am usually at the school at 06:30 am. I have planning during fourth period and I value communication 

    Module one: employability skills and Cultural Awareness, Legal and Ethical

    Module two; Safety and Infection Control

    Module three: Cardiac and Respiratory Systems and CPR

    Module four: Diagnostics, Vital Signs 


    Contact information: 252-514-6400 email cheryl.cournoyer@cravenk12.org