• My classroom is an engaging environment where students learn and expand their minds. For that to happen, small group discussions happen daily, but when I am speaking or teaching to the class, I expect it to be silent. Once I get out the information, I want the students to run with it and jump into the task given to their team.
    Grading Percents:
    • Major Assessments: 60%
    • Minor Assessments: 30%
    • Homework 10%
    5 Rules to be followed in Every Situation at HMS:
    1.  Keep your hands, feet, and objects to self.
    2. Raise you hand and wait for permission to speak.
    3. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.
    4. Be respectful to others. 
    5. Follow directions the first time given. 
    1. Warning
    2. Intervention Strategy
    3. Call Parent
    4. Chill Out
    5. Referral and Parent Conference 
    *1 Composition Books
    *Blank Paper
    *Scotch Tape/Glue Sticks
    Homework Policy:
    **Students must understand that a due date is the date when an assignment is due. They are welcome to turn it in early but I will not except any work late. Exceptions would be: absent with a doctors note, family emergency with parent note or absent due to suspension (work will be sent home.) Students will be completing most of their homework on Khan Academy. They will be assigned 5-6 standards every week or two weeks depending upon the unit. They will have these assigned to them online and given a due date. Students must get 80% or higher to be considered proficient on that standard.