• Benefits of Bridgeton Physical Education:

    1. The students learn in a different setting. They are away from desks, chairs, books, etc. I am a huge supporter of integrating classroom learning into PE.

    2. It develops good sportsmanship and cooperation skills.

    3. It can generate determination and confidence to complete tasks that thought they could not do. This confidence carries over to the classroom.
    4. It provides knowledge of the importance of life long exercise that will improve their quality of life well after they are out of school.

    5. It develops motor skills as well as mental alertness, improves concentration and attention span, and can improve classroom behavior.



    Box Tops for Education: I collect Box Tops to help purchase equipment for Physical Education. K-5 students can bring them to their PE class each week.


    Clothing: All students should wear athletic shoes on their scheduled PE days. Shoes that are not made for physical activity can cause injury to your child. Loose jewelry should not be worn to PE. It could be broken or cause injury. Girls that are wearing dresses and skirts in PE should have shorts underneath. Many activities require movements that would limit their participation.


    Health: Please let the school nurse know if your child has a history of asthma or other concerns that I will need to be aware of. I always urge my students to do their best but do not want them to over do it!




    • Raise your hand and wait your turn before speaking

    • Be prepared for class

    • Follow directions & listen the 1st time

    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself



    • Verbal Warning

    • Time out 

    • Time out and name to teacher

    • Dicipline Referral to office



    • Reinforcement through praise

    • Good notes home

    • Good phone calls home

    • When a class has great behavior, they accumulate dojo points which can be used for a free activity day. That means that they get to choose what they want to do from a variety of activities.



    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


    Mr. Sanford

    Bridgeton Physical Education