How To Apply For Federal Student Aid- FAFSA*



    *FAFSA Night January 22nd 5:30-7:00

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    How to Fill out Fafsa Video

    Most Students Are Eligible to Receive Financial Aid from the Federal Government to Help Pay for College or Career School. Your Age, Race, or Field of Study Won’t Affect Your Eligibility for Federal Student Aid. While Your Income Is Taken into Consideration, It Doesn’t Automatically Prevent You from Getting Federal Student Aid.

    Link To FAFSA Website

    How To Get Started:

    1. Create an Account 

    Fafsa Strongly Recommends Creating an Account Before Starting Your Fafsa Form. Your Account Username and Password Combination, Called Your Fsa Id, Gives You Access to Certain Information Online and Allows You to Sign Your Fafsa® Form and Promissory Notes Electronically. 

    2. Gather the Documents You Need to Apply

    The Fafsa Questions Ask for Information About You (Your Name, Date of Birth, Address, Etc.) and About Your Financial Situation. Depending on Your Circumstances (for Instance, Whether You’re a U.s. Citizen or What Tax Form You Used), You Might Need the Following Information or Documents As You Fill out the Fafsa Application.


    3. Create a "Save Key" 


    Near the Beginning of the Fafsa Form, You’ll Create a “save Key,” a Temporary Password That You’ll Use If You Start Your Fafsa Form, save It Without Finishing It, Then Want to Open It Again Later to Finish It.


    4. List Colleges 


    While Completing the Fafsa Form, You Must List at Least One School to Receive Your Information. The Schools You List Will Use Your Fafsa Information to Determine the Types and Amounts of Aid You May Receive. Use the Federal School Code Search to Find the Colleges You’re Interested in Including in Your Fafsa Form.


    You Should Add Any School That You Plan on Applying to, or That You Have Applied to, Even If You Haven’t Been Accepted yet. In Most Cases, Once a School Accepts You, They Will Then Work on Developing Your Aid Offer.



    5. Next Steps 

    After You Submit Your Fafsa Form Online, You Can Check Its Status Immediately by Going to and Logging in with Your Username and Password. (Note: Only the Student Can Check the Status.)

    The Status of Your Application Will Be One of the Following.

    • Processing: Your Application Is Still Processing. It Typically Takes Three to Five Days, plus One Additional Business Day to Be Made Available to the Schools You Listed on the Form.

    • Processed Successfully: Your Application Was Processed Successfully. No Further Action Is Needed.

    • Missing Signatures: Your Application Is Missing the Required Signature(S).

    • Action Required: Your Application Requires Further Action. Contact Your School to Resolve the Issue.

    College Deadlines

    Each college may have its own deadline. Check with the college(s) you’re interested in attending. You may also want to ask your college about its definition of an application deadline. Is it the date your FAFSA form is processed or the date the college receives your processed FAFSA data?