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    CHECK IN/CHECK OUT: Cadets will check in SUNDAY, June 18th at 1:00 pm at the Clubhouse, Short Stay, Moncks Corner, SC.

    ready to take the swim test. 

    GRADUATION: will start at 9:15 am on Friday, June 23d. Cadets will be released at approximately 9:45. 

    No Lunch Served. 1300 (1 pm) Cadets dressed for sailing/swimming, with appropriate PFD).

    Ensure your Cadets have ENCL 5 & amp; 6 ready at check-in. Parents certify swimming ability on ENCL
    5. Parent pick-up for non-qualifiers, same day, not later than 1430.


    Seabag List for Area 06 Sail Academy – Cadet brings to Camp

    Personal Items:
    ❏ Spending Money; “Forgotten items” or Gee dunk at Store. Gee dunk = snacks
    ❏ Toilet articles: Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Shaving gear for males; all
    ROTC Grooming standards observed. Bring a fresh haircut! Get one at Moncks Corner.
    ❏ Shower shoes-ie cheap flip flops (as desired)
    ❏ Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner.
    ❏ Underwear for 6 days
    ❏ 1 Beach Towel, 1 Bath towel (some towels may be available)
    ❏ Washcloth
    ❏ Sunglasses, with a retaining strap (strap optional but highly recommended)
    ❏ Casual Clothes-T-shirts, shorts etc. (ROTC & school appropriate)
    ❏ Hat for sun protection (optional) school/NJROTC appropriate ball cap OK
    ❏ Sailing gloves-many gloves not specified for sailing work. (Optional, but in winds above
    light, you’ll thank us)
    ❏ Hand-carried paperwork ENCL 5 & 6, signed by parents.
    ❏ A personal Floatation Jacket (Type III USCG Approved) is generally considered a sport or
    water skiing vest. The sailing-specific jacket is optional.
    ❏ Sailing Helmet, specifics as directed in the email to your SNSI/NSI
    ❏ Sailing Book, Start to Finish Dinghy Sailing by Barry Pickthall (Homework Complete!)
    ❏ Swimsuit (Modest)-Swimming every day, you might bring 2. Laundry is available.
    ❏ Hand-held refillable water bottle or camel-back, with a loop or clip to tie to sailboat;
    save the planet! It is hot in Moncks Corner.
    ❏ Water shoes (recommended) or old tennis shoes for sailing (required in boats and TEST.)
    ❏ Second pair of dry tennis shoes for running/ games
    ❏ Sunscreen! Water-resistant, high SPF.
    ❏ Medications that you are prescribed or over-the-counter medications are needed regularly.
    Must be in a prescription bottle or with instructions from parents.
    ❏ If you are instructed to bring sleeping gear- Required Equipment, otherwise optional❏ Sleeping Bag
    ❏ Pillow
    ❏ Cot or Air Mattress