• Band Supplies


    Aside from an instrument to play in class, there are a few other supplies that students need in order to get the most out of band. These supplies can be found at your local music store, or ordered online. Just remember to check the product and make sure it is correct.

    Method Book:

    This year, we are switching over to the "Habits" series! This series of method books offers a more simplified and streamlined approach to learning how to play an instrument. Using this series will allow students to focus on the content they are learning and avoid cluttered pages of extra information. Keep in mind, these books are instrument specific, so make sure you have the correct book as well as the correct instrument.

    6th Grade Beginning Band:                    7th and 8th Grade Band:

    GIA Publications - Habits of a Successful Beginner Band Musician -  Conductor's Edition             Habits of a Successful Middle School Musician | Rettig Music


    Reed Players (Clarinet, Saxophone, and Low Reeds):

    There are many different brands of reeds on the market, and some are more expensive than others. Beginning reed players should start on Grade 2 or 2 1/2 reeds and move to Grade 3 reeds within the first few months  of starting their instrument, or by recommendation of their director. Some students will build strength faster than others. As they play each day, they will begin to build muscles that are too strong for lower grade reeds to handle. As they build strength, they will need to progress to higher grade reeds in order for their sound to improve with their performance. 

    Here is a list of brands recommended for great quality:

    Juno(Great for Beginners):

    Eckroth Music - Juno Clarinet Reeds 2.5


    Van Doren (Blue Box/Packaging; Silver Box "V12 Series" is geared more for high school):

    Vandoren Traditional Alto Saxophone Reeds Strength 2.5 (Box of 10) | Heid  Music

    Rico Royal (a step up from the regular Rico series):

    The United States RICO Royal blue box Eb alto sax reed / alto saxhpone reeds|rico  royal|alto reedsreed sax alto - AliExpress


    Brass Players:

    Valve Oil (Trombone Players scroll down):

    Brass instruments with valves such as trumpets, french horns, and tubas will need to oil their valves to keep their instruments in good working condition for class. There are many different brands out there, but here are a few recommendations for good quality:

    Al Cass "FAST":                Yamaha Valve Oil:                                    Ultra Pure Valve Oil:

    Amazon.com: Al Cass Valve Oil, 2.0 fluid Oz. : Musical Instruments               Yamaha Synthetic Valve Oils (Regular, Light and Vintage) - Pope Horns Inc..           The Horn Guys - Ultra Pure Valve Oil


    Trombones Specifically:

    Slide Oil:

    All trombone players will need slide oil to keep their slides in good working condition during class. As you play over time, the oil will wipe away from your slide, and you will need more. Here are some recommended brands for good quality (make sure the product is correct, slide oil and valve oil products may look similar, but its crucial that they have the right kind of oil for their instrument):

    Superslick Professional Slide Oil:                    Yamaha Trombone Slide Lubricant:         Slide-O-Mix Trombone Lubricant:

    Superslick Trombone Slide Oil | Music & Arts.                           Amazon.com: Yamaha Trombone Slide Lubricant, 30ml : Musical Instruments.                Slide-O-Mix Rapid Comfort Trombone Lubricant | Music & Arts


    Percussion Players:


    Every percussionist will learn how to play mallet instruments as well as the drums, so each student needs a pair of mallets. Here is a recommendation for beginners:

    Balter Basics BB8:                                 Vic Firth M5:                                       

    Mike Balter Balter Basics Mallets BB8 – Thomann United States              Vic Firth American Custom Medium Hard Rubber Xylophone Mallets (M5)



    Every percussionist will also need a pair of quality drumsticks in order to learn drum rudiments. Here is a recommendation for good quality:

    Vic Firth SD1 General:                           Pro-Mark SD1:

    Amazon.com: Vic Firth American Custom SD1 General : Everything Else               Promark SD1 Concert Snare Sticks ― item# 65100 | Marching Band, Color  Guard, Percussion, Parade | Band Shoppe