• Creekside Fifth Grade Supply List

    School Year 2022-2023

    • 1 box of #2 pencils, pre-sharpened
    • 1 box of colored pencils
    • 4 different colored 2 pocket, plastic  folders (red, blue. Yellow, green)
    • 3 marble cover composition notebooks (100 sheets) NOT SPIRAL
    • Zippered pencil pouch (NO Pencil Boxes!)
    • 2 highlighters
    • 2 glue sticks
    • 4 dry erase markers (black only)
    • One set of headphones (earbuds are ok, but not bluetooth)  **Please label these with your child’s name and place in a Ziploc bag)
    • 1 pair of scissors
    • 2 reams of copy paper
    • Activity fee $20.00

    **This list may have additional supplies added as we get closer to the start of school in August. Please check for any updates throughout the summer.

    Most Wanted List 

    (Items we need and use, but are not required for daily classwork.)

    • Tissues
    • Copy paper
    • Colored copy paper
    • Clorox wipes/lysol wipes
    • Any bite sized candy for treat jar (NO GUM)
    • Post-it notes (1 package)
    • Ziploc bags (any size but snack size, please)
    • Paper towels, paper plates, napkins, spoons, etc.
    • Gift Cards (Walmart or amazon)  **These will be used for any classroom materials needed throughout the year.