• I.Course Description and Instructional Goals: AVID stands for Advancement via Individual Determination; therefore, it is necessary that students understand they are the key to their success in this program. The AVID class is designed to empower students by teaching students to apply the necessary skills and work habits to be successful in a rigorous learning environment.  AVID includes instruction in study skills, organization skills, communication skills, reading comprehension, writing, collaboration, inquiry, test-taking strategies, and personal development. To promote education and a college-focused future, students will be visiting colleges and introduced to guest speakers. 

    *If you know of anyone that could possibly be a guest speaker (including parents) during class or on Fridays please let me know.*


    II.Instructional Model 

    1.AVID Topics to be taught in all classes

    • WICOR: Forms the basis of the AVID curriculum. It stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading. 
    • Writing: Students focus on clarifying and communicating their thoughts in all subjects, better understanding materials learned in their core courses.
    • Inquiry: AVID is based on inquiry, not lecture. The students will be engaged in many activities, from Cornell note taking to tutorial groups which are built on students asking questions which forces them to clarify, analyze, and synthesize material.
    • Collaboration: The AVID classroom is not a traditional one in which a teacher lectures to passive students. An AVID teacher is a facilitator, advocate, coach, cop, and cheerleader. The students, not the teacher, are responsible for their learning. Hints the term Individual Determination.
    • Reading: AVID students simply don’t merely read words on a page. They are taught to analyze, question, critique, clarify, and comprehend the material. This technique alone will turn students from passive learners into active classroom contributors and critical thinkers, an approach that’s necessary for college admission and success.
    • Organization and Time Management Skills: Students are required to keep their binders neat, updated, and completely organized. Binders are graded weekly. Students are also taught how to effectively manage their time in order to have a balanced and organized school and personal life.
    • Cornell Notes: Students will learn how to take and study from the Cornell Note-Taking system, using it in all core courses. Cornell Notes are designed to make studying easier. 

    2.Weekly Schedule 

      1.  Monday and Wednesday: focus on AVID curriculum.This will encompass various activities that use WICOR strategies (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading).There will be a  heavy emphasis on CRITICAL READING and ANALYTICAL WRITING.
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays:This is a very unique part of AVID.AVID scholars will be trained to facilitate and participate in  tutorial sessions.Scholars must come to class with a TRF (Tutorial Request Form) which focuses on their point of confusion.
    • Future/Teamwork Fridays-The AVID class will focus on collaborative activities or serve as an extension of WICOR curriculum. The last Friday of the month is reserved as a fun friday 
    1. Cell Phone Policy

    Cell Phones need to be placed in your bag or cell phone daycare or kept out of sight at all times. 

    If policy is not followed I will confiscate it till the end of day. You will be written up and parents contacted.If  you refuse to give me your phone an administrator will be contacted ,you will be written up as an office referral and administration will handle the matter. 


    1. AVID Contract:The AVID contract outlines the program and requirements.  In addition to the AVID essentials, students are required to exhibit good citizenship, refrain from excessive absences and tardies, maintain at least a “C” average in all classes at all times, and avoid disciplinary referrals that result in ISS (In School Suspension) or OSS (Out of School Suspension).


    V.AVID Probation:Scholars who fail to comply with contract will be placed on probation.AVID probation is a period of warning that allows students to make improvement. If the student fails to make the necessary improvements, he/she may be removed from the program.The probation period will last for a quarter. 


    VI.Agenda/Planners :Students will be given an agenda/calendar.  Each student must enter assignments every day, including quizzes, tests, projects and also note if there is no homework.  Agendas will be a component of the binder evaluation. Parent or teacher signatures may be required periodically. 


    VII.AVID Binder:​Students will maintain a 3-inch binder.  A divider and labeled tab for each course will be required.   All notes, handouts, tests, etc. are to be dated and filed in this binder.  The binder will be checked regularly for organization, Cornell notes, and the other AVID essentials. The AVID Binder is an essential part of student success.


    VIII.Cornell Notes/Learning Logs:Students will learn the Cornell Note-Taking method in the AVID class.  Students will be required to use this note-taking strategy in their core classes (when appropriate). Students will also learn how to create and use learning logs.  Learning logs are often a helpful way to review/reflect on what was covered in class.Learning Logs are due each week before the end of class or the closing date for the assignment.


    1. Expectations/Policies  : All AVID contractual agreement rules and procedures are expected to be followed. This includes following all Craven  County School policies as well as the expectations set forth by the AVID elective teacher.


    AVID students are expected to engage in outstanding citizenship  and give 100% effort every day in ALL CLASSES.


    1. AVID In-Class Activities :Students will participate in many AVID activities throughout the school year. Many of these activities will be finished within class. Examples of class activities include: reading, note-taking, essay writing, oral presentations, class discussions, listening skills, goal setting, and vocabulary development.  


     XI.Grading Policy:All students are expected to participate in daily class activities, complete their learning logs, be active in tutorials, complete classwork and projects, and successfully integrate WICOR strategies in all of their courses. Students are expected to meet all deadlines for class work and projects. Classwork and assignments will all be weighted equally. Late assignments will not be accepted.You have till the before the closing date of the assignment to complete.

    Grading Scale

    100-90                A

    89 - 80                B

    79 - 70                C

    69 - 60                D

    59  →                  F


     XII.AVID Attire:Students will be expected to wear AVID attire for all field trips, guest speakers, and other AVID events.  AVID attire consists of their choice of bottom  and the AVID shirt.

    XIII.Materials List:           

    1 ½ “ or 2” Binder 

    *Important Message:

    This binder is needed for AVID this year.  Teachers know that the AVID students will have a big binder holding all work for each class. Some teachers have you keep work in the room. That is fine. You will still have items for those subjects in your binder.  I have extra binders if anyone needs one.                            

    Pencils                                                         Expo Marker(s)

    Blue or Black pens                                     Highlighters

    Tab Dividers (8 +)                                       Agenda (school provides this)

    Notebook filler paper                               1 subject wirebound notebook

    Sheet protectors ( for items that will remain in the notebook for the year)