• Hotspots provided by Craven County Schools are meant to be provided for students for home use when they cannot get internet in their area, or their internet cannot provide what is needed for school use.  If there is a very specific need why the internet is not sufficient or internet cannot be provided by the family, they are to contact the school and provide that information.

    Hotspots are to be used as a temporary device, until sufficient internet can be provided.  Hotspots are a phone signal based wifi, so depending upon the area, may not be able to provide sufficient wifi as well and must be considered.  If it is evident that the Hotspot cannot provide sufficient wifi, then the Hotspot should be returned to the school.

    Currently, ALL Hostpots which are checked out are either expired, or expiring by the end of October.  All of these need to be returned.

    Hotspots are issued with a case/box, cable, and charging adapter plug.  These things must ALL be returned.  Hotspots will expire and must be returned each school year, and reapplied for.

    A contract for Hotspot use must be signed by the Parent/Guardian each school year.

     Hotspot Info