Mrs. Rodriguez

Mrs. Rodriguez

"I'm not here because of where you're from...I'm here because of where you can go." -Manny Scott

  • Here's to wishing you a very happy and heartfelt "Hello!" I am Mrs. Rodriguez and I am originally from upstate New York. I have experience teaching students in grades pre-k, first grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade. This is my eleventh year teaching in North Carolina and there's no other place I would rather call home than right here in Craven County. The United States Marine Corps, and the beach, are what brought and kept me here in NC. I live in Havelock with Mr. Rodriguez, Ella-Grace (our human child), and a few fur-babies.  I am an alumni of Mansfield University, which is located in Northern Pennsylvania. Our school mascott is the Mansfield Mounty (mountaineer).I've earned my Master's Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in children's literature. However, I've received the best education about teaching from my students!

    Mansfield University


    Favorite Pastimes:

    I LOVE a day at the beach. I also love to paint/remodel homes. One of my most favorite things to do is pressure wash. I know, that sounds strange but it is satisfying to second something is extremely dirty and the next, it's extremely clean!  I also enjoy taking four of our fur-babies for a walk. Tucker-P, is a Cock-a-Poo. He is very posessive of his momma (me) and gets super jealous when the other dogs get too close. He likes digging enormous holes in our yard and playing fetch with his tennis ball.  Lily is our Great Dane. She weighs 97lbs. and can jump super high for her size. She and Ryder are best buddies. Ryder is our Shiba-Inu mix. He is a rescue pup who has stolen our hearts. He is sweet and loves to cuddle. Oswald is our rescue pup that we bottle fed since he was two days old. He is spunky and full of energy. He is a lover who likes to lick your face all over! He thinks he is the boss of all the other dogs but truly, he is the smallest. He likes to get into mischief and his favorite thing to do is take things from inside out through the doggy door. They are definitely a major source of our entertainment each day.