• Graphic Design: We offer graphic design services to create customized, attractive designs to make your publications stand out. Our in-house designer Ashley Whitford has 19 years of experience and is skilled in multiple design software applications. Please contact him for any questions regarding design and layout work.

    Black and White Printing: We offer high-speed copying to get the job done fast! We can reproduce black and white, high quality documents with our state-of-the-art equipment. Multi-page collated printing is also an option and is ideal for booklets and handbooks. Copies can be reproduced by hard copy or electronic format.

    Color Printing: High speed full color copying is the way to go! Color options are ideal for brochures, flyers, newsletters, booklet covers, postcards, and business cards. Copies can be reproduced by hard copy or electronic format.

    Finishing: We have several different finishes options that include stapling, coil & comb binding, perfect binding, hole punching, folding, cutting, and padding. Please click the Paper and Finishing tab on the main page to explore the different options.

    Specialty Printing: We provide a variety of specialty items that include door hangers, parking passes, rolodex cards, agendas/planners, posters, banners, signs, and NCR forms.

  • Red Safety Bags: Red safety bags are provided by the Print Shop. A Print Shop Request must be filled to order red bags for your school. The cost is $3.00 per bag.

    Staff Parking Passes: We provide bundles of numbered parking passes to school administrators at each school who are responsible for distributing passes to each employee. The administrator is also responsible for keeping track of each employees’ parking pass number.

    Staff ID Badges: ID Badges are made for employees through the Human Resources Department. New hires will receive their badges when they are hired. Current employees may request replacement badges if they are lost or broken. Employee pictures that are on file will be used for replacement badges unless specified by the employee, in which case they should provide a new picture digitally in .jpg format.

    Receipt Books: The Print Shop upon request provides Receipt Books to the schools. There is no charge for them; however, we ask that schools only request the amount they need at the time.