Student Tasks

  • Students, prior to your first day of school at Tucker Creek please make sure you do the following: 

    1.  Plug in your iPad and charge it

    2.  Ensure the iPad has no updates (Settings>general>software update) 

    3.  Get rest to make sure you are up and ready for class on time! 

    4.  Check your email! 


    On your first day of school you will: 

    1.  Set up somewhere where you are focused and can learn.  

    2.  Open your iPad and open your Chrome browser.

    3.  Go to and use your UID and password to log into your "Rapididentity."

    4.  Click on your Canvas app and open the Canvas tool.  

    4.  Make sure you know what classes you have and what time they start by looking at the schedules below and your PowerSchool account. 

    5.  Use the zoom links in Canvas to access your classes.

    6.  Make sure you check your email frequently throughout the day! You can do this through your NCEdCloud as well.  


Parent Reminders!

  • Parents and Guardians- Please make sure that you do the following things prior to your student's first day of school (or soon after!): 

    1.  Join your student's class through Remind (codes are here:

    2.  Make sure you join your student's Canvas course as a Parent Observer (directions here:

    3.  Go over your student's schedule with him/her and post it somewhere visible or put reminders in their devices.  This will help them stay on task and organized as they are getting into a new routine.  

Course Explanations

  • Core:  These are the main classes all students take including Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science.  The order for each student is different dependent upon their homeroom grouping.  Please refer to their schedules in Powerschool (for Plan B students) or the rotation on the Craven Live information page (for Craven Live Students) to determine the order of the cores (classes) for your student.  Core 1 would be the first class after Homeroom, the core 2, core 3 and possibly core 4 depending on the grade and team. 

    Exploratory:  This is the elective students are taking this semester including band, chorus, PE, art, STEM, or CTE and is listed at the time on the schedule.  This should line up with their Powerschool order unless they are Craven Live.  

    Example Student PowerSchool Schedule: 

    Powerschool Schedule

2020-2021 Schedules-Scroll to Your Grade Level