• August 13, 2020


    Dear Parents, 

    We are about to embark on a journey together.  Throughout the next school year you and I will form a partnership to help your child reach their fullest potential. Many of our days will be smooth sailing. We will cruise along and have a blast. The sun will shine and we will be happy and carefree.

    While I would like to say our whole journey will be smooth sailing, experience tells me it won't. We are likely to encounter a few bumps along the way. Those bumps are called learning experiences. Sometimes, they will be my lessons to learn. At other times they may be your child's lesson to learn. And yes, even you too may learn some new things this year!

    What I would like to promise you is that we are in this together. Whether we are sailing on calm seas, or whether we sail across some rough waters, you will have a partner on the voyage. As a mom to four children, I know first hand, the importance of a strong home-school connection. I aim to be part of that equation for you this year. The other part of that equation is YOU!

    In the spirit of that partnership I would like to ask you a favor. As the parent of a student in my class, I know that you have a wealth of knowledge about your child. Will you please help me get off to a good start with your child and complete a form about them?  Yes!  You read that right!  I am assigning you HOMEWORK!

    Please click the link below to find the form where you can fill me in on your student.  I can't wait to read about how you view them as learners and people!

    Thank you for entrusting me with your priceless treasures. I will guard them as my own during our adventures together. I will work to nurture them and to help them grow to be their best.

    I look forward to our journey together.

    Yours in Education,

    Jennifer Reno

    Tell Me About Your Child