Mrs. Kati Kameroski

Phone: 252 514-6488 ext. 76212


Degrees and Certifications:

Keystone College Bachelors of Science in Education, concentrating in K-12 Art emphasis on Ceramics

Mrs. Kati Kameroski

Born in Ohio, raised in Northeast Pennsylvania, Kati Kameroski, (She/Her), moved to New Bern, North Carolina in 2014 to teach Art for Craven County Schools. 

Mrs. Kameroski is a third generation teacher, following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother. She holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Art-Education K-12, from Keystone College, where she graduated as Valedictorian in 2012.

She is a Clyde McGeary Fellows Scholar recipient, an Everhart Museum Choice Award recipient, and was recognized by Scholastics for her High School portfolio, as well as a Scholastics Gold and Silver Key recipient.

Mrs. Kameroski has had several art exhibits of her clay art work, sold work, and has studied with several master artists from across the United States, Italy, and Haiti.

Kati has taught as an adjunct college professor in Hot Glass. In addition to teaching in public schools, she's taught a variety of children's and adult classes through museums, community programs, and gallery studio classes. She has also worked as a visiting artist in public schools and as a ceramics studio technician at Moscow Clayworks. 

Kati Kameroski enjoys using scientific processes and poetry in the creation of her own clay work. It is Mrs. Kameroski's belief that Art-education is a crucial element to well rounded education for a variety of reasons. Art making allows students to express themselves, take innovative risks, practice and hone observation skills, engage motor skill development and hand-eye coordination. Through viewing art, students may explore culture, diversity, science, history, and a variety of other subjects. In many instances art assists individuals in overcoming challenges unique to that person and discovering ways to value the unique talents specific to each of us.  

Mrs. Kameroski has a passion for nurturing all her students, by curating a postive classroom environment, and inspiring a love for learning through the arts.  No matter the student's ability level, interests, or backgorund, everyone has a chance to pursue finding their own potential and every student brings value into the classroom. Diversity is celebrated as an asset, and the beauty of diverse culures are explored through art history in her classes as well.

Mrs. K. joined the West Craven Middle, Wildcat Family in Fall of 2018.  She loves tacos, tamales, Thai food, martial arts, horror movies, video games, books, and trips to the beach.