• UPDATE: Click the links below to access the slide presetations from the Open House.  Click the tabs on the left (or the pages icon at the top of the screen if on a mobile device) to watch the presentations in a video format.  Remind Codes are also posted below for you.


    Open House On Wednesday, August 12th, the staff of TCMS met with students and parents in a virtual open house!

    Student Schedules are available in Powerschool.  Students can log into their NCEdCloud or parents can access using the Parent App.


      Information that will be available during these sessions included:  Schedules, supplies, meeting the teachers, course content, and more!  You may watch the videos to see this information or access the slide presentations. 

    If you have any additional questions you may email your student's teachers.  

Sixth Grade Links

  •  Sixth Grade Google Slide Presentation  

    Ms. Steinman: @rmsteinman      

    Ms. Kinney: @h3kb7ha    

    Mrs. Radford: @bhd2d9b 

    Mr. Cooley: @k496dk              

    Ms. Gibson: @ca2e7b

Eighth Grade Links

Craven Live Information

  • Craven Live Slide Show Presentation 


    Remind Codes: 

    Mr. Tidwell: @ctidwellj

    Ms. Waters: @94dd4e8

    Ms. Phillips: @4kfa7bd

    Ms. Bryant: Math 1:  @k6afkb

    Mrs. Bryant: Math 8: @hada7g

    Ms. Sumners: @8sumners

Seventh Grade Links

Exploratory and AIG Link

  • Exploratory Open House Google Slide Presentation


    Remind Codes: 

    Ms. Bowden (Art): 

    6th:   @bowden6A

    7th:   @bowden7A

    8th:   @bowden8A


    Coach Tillman (PE): 

    6th:   @turnage6pe

    7th:   @turnage7pe 

    8th:   @turnage8pe


    Coach Sloan (PE): 

    6th:   @tc6hpe

    7th:   @tc7hpe

    8th:   @tc8hpe


    Mrs. Frazier (CTE Business): 

    8th: @TCMSPPC8

    7th: @TCMSOP7

    6th: @TCMS6Key


    Mrs. Guthrie (STEM): 

    6th grade -- @tcmstem6

    7th grade -- @tcmstem7

    8th grade -- @tcmstem8


    Mrs. Dyal (Band): 

    8th: @8tcmsband 

    7th: @7tcmsband

    6th: @6tcmsband