• Welcome to Virtual PE & Health!

    MOD 3


    In this Module you will have:



    -Cardiorespiratory Endurance Discussion. P. 230 & P. 231

    -Brain Bites: Cardio. Endurance Video & Team Talk

    Video link: https://youtu.be/TkARtWP8D1k

    -How to find your pulse and target heart rate-refence article.

    -How to Calculate Target Heart Rate

    -How to take your pulse Brain Bites Video: https://youtu.be/wzdVUSVObOw

    -Take your pulse Assignment.


    Wednesday: Asynchronous (At home) Learning day.

    -WORK OUT WEDNESDAY # 2: For this Wednesday you may choose to complete any workout video or link on the Fitness Matrix (found in the Resources module). Once completed you must record a  1-2 minute video on Flipgrid including the following information:

    1. Hello my name is ...(I should be able to see your face in on the video)
    2. The date today is.... (mandatory. No credit without this!)
    3. What did you do? (Be specific. Did you bike? Play badminton? How long?)
    4. How did you feel before, mid and after the workout? (intensity)
    5. Where did you do your activity? (place)
    6. Anything you'd like to share? (optional ideas are who you worked out with, things you noticed, etc.)

    This video should take place either during or as soon as possible after your workout...the more sweat the better in the video! I should be able to tell that you have been working out-- just as in a regular face to face PE class. The more sweat the better! You also must answer the question prompts to receive full credit. Submit your videos on FLIPGRID!!!!!




    -How to Develop Good Character. P.22-23

    -Break out Room discussion:

    1.Do you believe it is important to have good character, Yes or No? Why?

    1. How can having good character help you throughout your life?

    -Pulse & Heart Rate Quiz





    -Actively Learn Article: Are you a good sport?