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    IM11 Advanced Manufacturing I
    Teacher Andrew Cumpston
    Course Description This course is the first part of a two part sequence on the basic functional knowledge and skills needed in the advance manufacturing environment. This course covers introduction to manufacturing , safety, and equipment maintenance and is based upon the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council's (MSSC) Certified Production Technicians certification (CPT). CPT is recognized by manufacturers in NC and the USA as a fundamental certification needed by advanced manufacturing production workers. Topics included in this course include Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing, Communications, Production Teams, Training & Leadership, Safety Organization, Personal Protective Equipment, Fire and Electrical Safety, Work Area Safety, Hazardous Material Safety, Tool and Machine Safety, Material Handling Safety, Welding, Basic Electrical Circuits, Electrical Measurement, Electrical Power, Pneumatic, Power Systems, Hydraulic Power Systems, Lubrication Concepts, Bearings and Couplings, Belt Drives, Chain Drives, Machine Control Concepts, and Machine Automation. English language arts are reinforced.
    ES # and
    Obj #/Ind #
    Essential Standards and Objective/Indicator Statements
    (The learner will be able to:)
    1.00 Understand Safety Standards to Manufacturing Processes and Production  (MSSC-M1).
    1.01 Understand advanced manufacturing.
    1.02 Understand communications used in advanced manufacturing.
    1.03 Understand production teams.
    1.04 Understand training & leadership needed in advanced manufacturing.
    1.05 Understand safety organization.
    1.06 Understand personal protective equipment and its purposes.
    1.07 Describe fire and electrical safety and its use in advanced manufacturing.
    1.08 Understand work area safety.
    1.09 Understand hazardous material safety in a manufacturing environment.
    1.10 Understand tool and machine safety.
    1.11 Understand material handling safety.
    2.00 Understand Maintenance Awareness Standards to Manufacturing Processes and Production (MSSC-M4).
    2.01 Understand maintenance requirements in welding.
    2.02 Understand maintenance requirements in basic electrical circuits.
    2.03 Understand maintenance requirements in electrical measurement
    2.04 Understand maintenance requirements in electrical power.
    2.05 Understand maintenance requirements in pneumatic power systems.
    2.06 Understand maintenance requirements in hydraulic power systems.
    2.07 Understand lubrication concepts.
    2.08 Understand maintenance requirements in bearings and couplings.
    2.09 Understand maintenance requirements in belt drives.
    2.10 Understand maintenance requirements in chain drives.
    2.11 Understand machine control concepts.
    2.12 Understand maintenance requirements in machine automation.
    Aligned Credential or Certification Certified Production Technician (CPT) -Maintenance (POL)
      Certified Production Technician (CPT) - Safety (POL)
      OSHA 10-Hour General Industry (Manufacturing) Certification
    Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) are an integral part of this curriculum.  CTSOs are strategies used to teach course content, develop leadership, citizenship, responsibility, and proficiencies related to workplace needs. 
    Career and Technical Education conducts all activities and procedures without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, gender, or disability. The responsibility to adhere to safety standards and best professional practices is the duty of the practitioners, teachers, students, and/or others who apply the contents of this document.