• Welcome to Physical Science!


    All course material is found in CANVAS, which can be accessed once the student logs into RapidIdentity. 

    A "Playlist" will be sent out through email and Remind every Friday.  This document will show all of the assignments for the upcoming week.  


    Teacher Communication

    Email: anthony.ranieri@cravenk12.org

    Remind: Class Code: @ranierips


    Basic Course Set-Up

    During Virtual Learning course material will be delivered through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. 

    • Each “Synchronous School Day” covers 1 section, which can be one of three types.
      • Content Sections
        • A 45 min long Zoom Meeting, which introduces and demonstrates a topic.
        • An EdPuzzle Video, which expands on the topic with notes and contains WS questions.
        • A Section Summary, which answers the section’s essential question and responds to another student’s post.
      • Review Sections
        • A 45 min long Zoom meeting, which reviews some of the unit review questions
        • Review questions with video to explain answers.
        • Review Resources, which are links to videos/sites to further explain the topics.
      • Assessment Sections
        • A 45 min long Zoom meeting, which is an open question review time
        • Quiz/Test
          • Tests cover more 2+ units
    • Each “Asynchronous Wednesday” will be used for catching up on section assignments and for Model Work
      • Phenomenon Explanation
        • Observing and using the information from the units to explain an event.
      • Learning Summary
        • Reflecting on the activities/demos and their phenomenon connections 



    For a complete look at the course, please view the course syllabus for here: Physical Science Syllabus Spring 2021