• Earth and Environmental Science Syllabus


    Welcome students to Mr. Pittman’s Earth and Environmental Science class.  I hope that you are excited for this course.  


    Test-50%                                Honors-60%

    Classwork/Daily Work-25%        Honors-15%

    Quizzes-25%                             Honors-25%


    Each day, I expect you to bring all needed materials to class including a charged iPad.  Failure to do this can result in loss of points for the day.  Students are expected to participate each day in the class lesson.  A few ground rules for class:


    • Respect the instructor 
    • Respect your peers
    • Raise your hand to ask questions.
    • Do not talk while someone else is speaking.
    • NO CELL PHONES should be visible or out in class. 
    • NO Eating in the classroom at any time!





    • Log into zoom everyday at your assigned time!
    • Be free of distractions.
    • Be upright and attentive.
    • Remember classroom etiquette.
    • Be willing to participate.
    • Students are expected to be a vital partner in this class.  We are going to actively learn together and make this semester a great one!