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    Attend an Information Session on March 10 to learn more! Flyer and Link


    CCP Student Information

    Link to NCDPI website for CCP

    CCP Advising Steps for School Personnel


    Step 1: See you high school counselor

    Step 2: Receive academic advising from counselor and Career Development Coordinator (if the pathway is careeer and technical), enrollment form and contract (under construction-coming soon)

    Step 3: Make an appointment with the CCP lisison at Craven Community College 

    Step 4: Receive advising and registration with the CCP liaison: 

    Step 5: Attend the mandatory orientation

    Step 6: Complete a need based form (available through Canvas and your high school counselor) to secure available textbooks or purchase textbooks

    Step 7: Be ready to start the semester and work hard!


    APPLY for CCP Courses at Craven Community College: 


    Contact Information

    High School Counselor:  

         New Bern High School- Heidi Ricks  heidi.ricks@cravenk12.org

         Havelock High School- Andrea Howard: andrea.howard@cravenk12.org, Christi Mendes: christi.mendes@cravenk12.or or Lindsay Slocum: lindsay.slocum@cravenk12.org

         West Craven High School- Melissa Hastings  melissa.hastings@cravenk12.org

    Craven Community College:

    New Bern High School and West Craven High School: ccp@cravencc.edu or (252)638-7242 Samantha McDonald

    Havelock High School: Stephanie Proctor.  ccphavelock@cravencc.edu of (252) 444-1043. Stephanie Proctor