• Craven LIVE Virtual Academy


    Craven LIVE is Craven County Schools’s fully online virtual option for parents and students who would like to receive instruction in a remote setting.  The program will serve students in grades K-12 during the 2020-21 school.  Instruction will be provided by licensed teachers using a combination of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (offline, self-paced) strategies.  This is another learning option for families who have concerns about in-person instruction during the pandemic.  Long-term, this will allow students who thrive online, need a more personalized approach to learning, or those who desire a more flexible learning environment continue to receive a quality education. The minimum term for a student participating in Craven LIVE is one semester.

    General Information

    • All classes are 100% virtual.
    • Students will need to have reliable internet access. (If resources are needed please reach out.)
    • Students must choose to enroll for a full semester or a full year.  (Students who choose to enroll for the first semester will need to decide if they want to remain enrolled for the second semester no later than November 30.)
    • Open to students in grades K-12.
    • Early College students are eligible to enroll in Craven LIVE. If a community college class requires on-campus face-to-face attendance, the student will have to attend on the college schedule.
    • Meals-information will be forthcoming.
    • Because course offerings for the Virtual Academy will be built based on the needs of students who enroll (what courses they have registered for) and the availability of teachers, it is difficult to definitively identify exactly which specific courses will be available at this point.  Simply put, the more students who enroll, the larger and more expansive the list of courses will become.  The intent will be to make every effort to ensure that there is a baseline menu of both core and elective course offerings across multiple content areas.
    • To the extent possible, the teachers are local Craven County Schools’ teachers.  There may be instances where a student may have to enroll in a class with North Carolina Virtual Public Schools (NCVPS).
    • Some CTE elective classes that require hands-on instruction are not available through Craven LIVE due to the nature of the course.
    • Students are eligible to participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities at their zoned school.  (Please keep in mind that some activities are directly tied to on-campus classes, such as Marching Band. Transportation will not be provided.)
    • Craven LIVE will operate on the traditional school calendar.
    • Online Time Requirements: The amount of time a student will spend in front of a device will depend on the age of the student and which courses they are taking. There will be ample time for independent learning activities and breaks, including lunch and time for physical and other activities, built into the schedule.
    • Parent/Guardian Engagement: Students will need varying levels of support in online instruction. Typically, younger students need closer supervision and assistance. This might come from a parent, guardian, grandparent, older sibling, or other members of a child’s support system. We will work with families to ensure that they have the academic support they need for a successful experience.
    • Technology Device:  Students will be issued an iPad from the school system. (Hotspots may be available for those in need.)
    • Tech Support will be available during designated hours.
    • Students will receive counseling and social-emotional support from school staff as part of the core instructional program.
Image Craven LIVE vs Plan C