AVID is….

    Advancement Via Individual Determination which fosters a safe and open culture, high expectations for teachers and students, and collaboration in all classrooms. For one period a day, students receive the additional academic, social, and emotional support that will help them succeed in their school’s most rigorous courses.


    AVID Objectives are ….

    • Peer Tutoring
    • Focused Note-Taking
    • Collaboration
    • Embedded Soft Skills (public speaking, self-advocacy, time management, and organization)
    • Higher-Level of Thinking
    • Reading and Writing to Lear 


    Who may participate…..

    Students who have the potential and desire to attend college.                                                                                       

    • Students who have appropriate classroom behaviors
    • Students who have average grades of B’s and C’s
    • Students who have good attendance records
    • Students who have the individual determination to succeed