HJM Band
  • Message from Mrs. Whitford 


    As an incoming 6th grade warcub your child can begin playing a musical instrument in the H.J. MacDonald Middle School Band program. Learning to play a musical instrument will open the door for so many opportunities in your child's future. There are not many subjects taught in school where your children can have fun, learn a beautiful artform, and develop life skills needed to be successful beyond their school career. Please join us for this wonderful musical journey!


    Click here to enroll in 6th grade band


    This enrollment form is the 1st step that needs to happen in order to participate in band.  Mrs. Whitford will contact you through the email that is provided in the enrollment form in order to give you more information regarding instrument selection.  




  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    What if I am not sure if I want my child to do music?

    Remember when your children wouldn’t eat the food you made for them? You always said, “Try it before you decide you don’t like it.”  Music is the same way. Your child should sign up for band even if you or they are unsure. If at some point you decide that music is not for you, drop the class.  It is much easier to drop something after trying it, than to join late when everyone else has already started.


    What if I don’t know anything about music?

    That’s ok!  I will teach your child everything they need to know, step by step. From how to assemble and care for the instrument to reading notes and rhythms, I will guide your child through the process. All that is needed from you is an enthusiastic attitude and patient ears when your child comes home and makes their first sound.


    How much out of school time is required?

    Music is no different than any other curricular area. We ask that your child spend some time with their instrument each and every week. Think of it as musical homework, but much more fun. 6th graders are asked to practice 100 minutes a week which is about 20 minutes for 5 days a week.


    What instrument should my child play?

    The answer depends on a variety of things, but in the end, it is most important that the play something that they enjoy. I encourage you to visit the website www.bepartofthemusic.org, watch the different instrument videos with your child, and discuss the different options.  Normally we have a fitting day to help guide your child to the right instrument. More information will be given out to the 5th grade teachers at your child's elementary school to help guide your child to the appropriate instrument.  I will also help guide your child based on his/her musical interests, physical make-up, and instrument availability. Your child knows what he/she wants, you know your child, and I know music. Together we will find the instrument that he/she will not only enjoy but will give her the best chance of musical success.


    What are the costs?

    The costs associated with music depend on which instrument your child chooses and if you already own an instrument. I recommend that you rent an instrument from our local music dealership for around $40/month.  The school may have certain instruments available for at school use. If financial constraints prevent you from being able to do this, please contact me and allow me to help. We will not let instrument availability or financial constraints keep your child from participating.


    What if I have other questions?

    Please know that I am here to answer any and all questions that you may have. The best way for you to reach me is electronically at Amanda.whitford@cravenk12.org.  This will allow me to respond to your query, whether you are available by phone or not.


    If you would like to know more about the individual instruments or music in general, visit www.bepartofthemusic.org.