• February 20th: Test on Unit Two (Gilded Age and Progressive Era). Remainder of class was spent making sure ALL classwork/DBQ for Unit Two are turned in. Unit Two classwork/DBQ will NOT be accepted after tomorrow end of class period time. 

              Homework: Make sure ALL classwork/DBQ are submitted for Unit Two. 

    February 19th: Vocabulary Quiz on Unit Two. Completed USA Test Prep Unit Two review assignment in preparation for test (tomorrow).

              Homework: Due to the uncertainity of snow Thursday night, Unit Two test has been moved to TOMORROW! Last day to turn in Unit Two work remains Friday.

    February 18th: Quizlet Live Vocabualry Review game (quiz tomorrow). Finish Unit Two notes on Wilson's reforms to tariffs, banks and trusts. Completed Progressive Amendment storyboards. Students conferenced individually about missing assignments and current grade. 

               Homework: Vocabulary for Unit Two due tomorrow! Study for vocabulary quiz. 

    February 13th: Modified Frayer bell ringer on 18th Amendment. Notes on Women Suffrage and Progressive Presidents. Began Progressive Amendment storyboard (found on Canvas). 

             Homework: Make sure you do not have any missing Unit Two classwork/DBQ.

    February 12th: Modified Frayer bell ringer on 17th Amendment. Worked independently on two Canvas assignments: Women Suffrage 13 minute video with question and Progressive President reading with worksheet. 

             Homework: Any student who did not finish the assignment in class may finish it for homework and submit first thing tomorrow.

    February 11th: Modified Frayer bell ringer on Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire. Notes on government reforms during Progressive Era. Completed Origins of Progressivism worksheet. Remainder of class was spent for vocabulary or getting caught up on missing assignments.

              Homework: Get caught up on missing assignments

    February 10th: Notes on Progressive Era and Workplace reforms. Finished storyboards on The Dark Side of the Gilded Age (directions posted on Canvas) and worked on Unit two vocabulary.

              Homework: Jim Crow Society worksheet. Anyone who did not complete storyboard during class could take it home to finish and turn in tomorrow. 

    February 7th: Make sure you have submitted Mission US Questions and picture. Also submitted Immigration DBQ from Wednesday. Notes on problems from Gilded Age (political machines and African American discrimination). Storyboards on The Dark Side of Gilded Age (directions posted on Canvas).

              Homework: None

    February 6th: Political Cartoon Bell Ringer on Canvas. Library to complete the Mission US City of Immigrants game. Fill in blank notes for the next day discussion.

               Homework: Immigration DBQ from Wednesday due by tomorrow. Mission US game completed and submitted tomorrow. 

    February 5th: Political Cartoon Bell Ringer on Canvas. Notes on Chinese Exclusion Act and urbanization. Worked on Immigration DBQ on Canvas (due by Friday, February 7th).

               Homework: Work on DBQ if you did not finish it in class. 

    February 4th: Began working on Unit Two vocabulary. Notes on immigration during the Gilded Age. Continue Mission-US game.

               Homework: Ellis Island Worksheet.

    February 3rd: Took Unit One Test. Began playing Mission 4-City of Immigrants on Mission-us.org.

               Homework: Begin looking at Unit Two vocabulary.

    January 31st: Notes on Inventions during 2nd Industrial Revolution. Age of Inventions Analysis assignment on Canvas. Labor Movement DBQ on Canvas. Finish it up Friday...students given the majority of the class period to finish any missing assignments from Unit One. Last day to submit Unit One material is Monday.

               Homework: Study for Unit One test. USA Test Prep assignment on Unit One Review due by Monday.

    January 30th: Notes on Canvas for Worker Strikes. Canvas reading and questions on Worker Problems and Solutions. Labor Movement DBQ on Canvas.

               Homework: Finish Worker Problems and Solutions reading/questions. Unit One vocabulary due tomorrow. 

    January 29th: Bell Ringer on Canvas (political cartoon with questions about Standard Oil). Notes on Captains of Industry vs Robber Barons. Worked Captains of Industry DBQ on Canvas.

               Homework: If you did not finish Captains of Industry DBQ, finish tonight and submit by tomorrow. 

    January 28th: Joined USA Test Prep. Review classroom policies. Notes on emerging industries of 2nd Industrial Revolution. Viewed the second episode of The Men Who Built America (Rockefeller) and answered questions. 

               Homework: Worksheet on Time Zones.

    January 27th: Students copied and upload photos of their notes for settlement groups to the West (see Canvas). Students then viewed the first episode of The Men Who Built America (Vanderbilt) and answered questions as we transition into the 2nd Industrial Revolution. 

                Homework: Next DBQ posted on Canvas (Due Thursday). 

    January 24th: Modified Frayer Model for Dawes Act. Review classroom policies. Notes on Mining and Ranching in the West. Finished working on DBQ for Americanization (found on Canvas). 

                 Homework: If you did not finish your DBQ, you can still turn it in on Monday without penalty. However, there will be no more class time devoted to completing it. 

    January 23rd: Modified Frayer Model for Wounded Knee Massacre. Review classroom policies. Notes on Americanization and Assimilation of Native Americans. Finished Wounded Knee Massacre assignment and submitted on Canvas. Began working on DBQ for Americanization (found on Canvas).

                  Homework: Native American Boarding School reading and questions on Canvas. Complete information sheet attached to syllabus.

    January 22nd: Introduction to course with overview of syllabus. Demonstration of Canvas course material and how to access assignments and submit assignments via Canvas. Began Unit One: the West information/notes until to Wounded Knee Massacre. Worked on classwork assignment on Canvas entitled "Wounded Knee Massacre".

                    Homework: Plains Indian Reading on Canvas (4 questions). Complete information sheet attached to syllabus.