Donations/Grants for 2019-2020

     5/2019    Donors Choose  $584  for the  project "Supplies in Short Supply"

    11/2019   Donors Choose $434   for the project "Color, Color, Color"

     12/2019  Donors Choose $382   for the project "Art Class the Ultimate Makerspace"

    1/20/20   Donors Choose $322   for the project "Sculpture: Creative Materials Needed"

    Donating materials:                                                                                 
    If you would like to donate any of the following items we would be happy to put them to artistic use:
    -paper: drawing, printer, cardstock, construction, tissue, wrapping, old newspaper and magazine
    -notions: buttons, trims, pompoms, jewels, sequins, glitter, old jewelry
    -craft foam
    -toilet paper & paper towel tubes
    - glue & glue sticks
    -tape: masking tape, packing tape, blue painters tape, duct tape (any color/pattern)
    -modeling clay
    -anything else you think we can use
    Or you can donate directly to our class through Donors Choose: