• Step 1: Use the Net Price Calculator: or the FAFSA4Caster: Located on each college website to help students and families prepare for the cost of attendance

    Step 2: Apply for FAFSA online application- your first step to applying for grants, loans and scholarships beginning on Oct. 1 of the senior year (super senior for Early College students)

         What Do I need to complete the FAFSA and RDS (Residency Determination)

    Step 3: On your FAFSA application, select up to 10 colleges to receive your FAFSA report

    Step 4: Apply for all college scholarships on each college financial aid and scholarship website

    Step 5: Meet all financial aid and scholarship deadlines

    Step 6: Search for scholarships using the tools and links on the Craven County Schools website

    Step 7: Use the CFNC financial aid and scholarships page to apply for all NC scholarships

    Step 8: Apply for the LOCAL scholarships listed on this webpage or through your high school counseling office 

    Step 9: Be persistent, apply for as many as you qualify for, don't assume you won't be selected, edit your work, and meet all deadlines

    Step 10: If selected as a scholarship recipient, write a thank you note and attend the local celebration or meeting to recognize you!

    Step 11: Submit your name and the scholarship to your high school counselor's reporting webpage

    Step 12: Attend your school's scholarship/awards program to be recognized for your hard work!

    Step 13: Keep applying even after you graduate from high school


    Additional Resources to understand the financial aid process:

    Federal Student Aid Checklist for College