Class Information and In-Person Student Schedule: 

    7:40a-8:30a- Students arrive and get their temperature checked. They can grab breakfast and enjoy!


    8:30a-8:50a- Morning Meeting


    8:50a-9:05a- Bathroom Break


    9:05a-9:10a- Mask break


    9:10a-9:50a- Support (Day 1: Music and PE; Day 2: Character Cafe and Art)


    9:50a-10:35a- ELA Lesson


    10:35a-10:55a- Skills Block Lesson


    10:55a-12:00p- Station Rotations (Lexia, Prodigy, Writing, Minute Math, myON)


    12:00p-12:30p- Lunch, mask break and temperature check.


    12:30p-12:40p- Bathroom Break


    12:40p-1:10p- Recess, mask break if 6 feet apart


    1:10p-2:00p- Math


    2:00p-2:15p- Snack Time, mask break


    2:15p-2:50p- Science/Social Studies/Math


    2:50p- Pack up and dismissal!


    *On virtual days, students will have a Morning Check-in Zoom with Mrs. Ingram from 8:30 am- 9:00 am. Check the playlist for the code! Students will have work to complete on their Google Classroom.


    **Support Schedule- Day One: Music and PE. Day Two: Character Cafe and Art.